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City Don't Even NEED Centre Backs!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 13/05/2022 - 09:08

Ahead of Hammers penultimate game of the season, much has been made of visitors to the game Manchester City's centre back woes, with apparently only one fit to play for the fixture. However before getting too excited home fans must appreciate that City play at such a level that they hardly need centre backs!

Yes they will be exposed defensively, but realistically City play a style of 'total' football similar in a way to the great Ajax team of the seventies, so any hopes and thoughts of over running them should be tempered with the knowledge of just how good they are in attack.

The way City carved open Wolves the other night should be a salient lesson for David Moyes and his staff as they prepare their players to try and deal with such an explosive forward line, trying to outplay the visitors will only result in the type of scoreline that occurred when the Irons were managed by Manuel Pellegrini, ie: FIVE goal drubbings.

There WILL be a 'carnival' atmosphere as it will be Marky Noble's last chance to say goodbye to a packed Olympic Stadium, however IF the players go gung-ho they will surely have their arses kicked, so Moyes and his 'boys' will expect t6he payers to show caution especially early on, not easy when there will be roared on by the crowd!

A draw would be more than a decent result, but City will have other ideas knowing that a win will guarantee them yet another Premier League title over rivals Liverpool. So long as the West Ham players put a shift in and don't embarrass themselves it will be a great afternoon, you never know Hammers just might spring a surprise, highly unlikely but stranger things have happened. - Ed



Couldnt agree more Nev ,this is what professional football has come to ,will say this though if they think things are not working out ,in other words if we can hold our own then they do tend to play in such a way that their Blitzkrieg becomes one dimensional ,they dont know any other way and maybe thats a weak link ,the likes of Souchec worrys me ,he doent seem to be a defender or atacker,and i think they'll give Ant the run around, i can see our pocket battle ship scoring a brace though ,dont ask me why ,i can feel it in my water . Coyi

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Then moyes has got to send us out on the frontfoot not sitback hit square passes across the back....although only Norwich last weekend we all saw how much more comfortable and better the players looked moving the ball quickly...Citeh favourites for sure but hey they played midweek had to travel all the way to Wolves and back and have injuries so bound to be tired and we have not played for a week so we should walk it!..unless of course we are ringrusty due to not having played for a week!

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come on you irons lets get up and at them also think they did us a favour beating wolves

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