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Not Another Everton Dud?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Mon, 20/06/2022 - 17:51

Criminals are often known for wanting to return to the scene of their crimes, David Moyes had an incredibly successful spell as manager of Everton FC, but still seems to like making a return in the form of 'showing interest in' or even buying up their discarded players!

Having recently made one of his rare transfer dealing errors by bringing in and now wanting to get rid of ex-Toffees player Nikola Vlasic from CSK Moscow for an incredibly ridiculous £30 Million plus, Moyes now appears to want to 'bury' himself by signing another Everton dud, this time it is Moise Kean from Juventus.

Kean joined Everton from Juventus on the 4th of August 2019, signing a five-year contract for a fee of €27.5 million, plus €2.5 million in add-ons. The 22 year old instantly struggled with the pace and physicality of the Premier League and was shipped out, on loan back to Juve, the Italian club signed a loan contract for two years with an obligation to buy the striker for €28 million after two years.

Apparently Juve are keen to sign Moise permanently but then want to immediately sell him on, Kean is currently only half way through his two-year loan deal with 'The Old Lady', the Turin club cannot escape their obligation to buy the Italy international at the end of next season for €28 Million.

Now call us suspicious, but something doesn't smell right about several aspects of any impending deal and the club would probably do well to AVOID Kean at ALL costs! The first and most important reason for having serious doubts is the player himself! If he was that good why did Juve sell him? If he was that good why did Everton get rid of him so quickly? and finally If he was that good why are Juve SO desperate to offload him again?

Kean could end up being an excellent addition for the Irons, he is built like a brick outhouse, but plays like one as well! He struggled at Everton but his quality is undeniable and he has youth on his side, but do Hammers need to become Nurse maids in order to bring players in? The answer is an unequivocally No, let someone else take the plunge, Hammers are just NOT rich enough to risk what would be a sizeable fee on a player who has already shown he cannot cut the mustard in the most competitive League in the World. - LN.

PS: Our 'criminals returning to the scene of the crime' reference is in no way intended to infer that David Moyes has criminal tendencies, or has ever been a criminal!



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it you got this from the papers,really

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And I certainly don't,apparently a couple of days ago we were in for the other Keane at Everton!! Do me a favour....Meanwhile vlasic ( another 30 mill waste of money !!) Bless him he was a tryer but these players are never going to cut it in the prem, broken record again Dennis & Cornet did cut it in poor sides last season

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read or trussed paper talk,when i see it on the west ham website in our shirt i believe it

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