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Sister Scuppering Onana Deal!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 04/08/2022 - 09:57

If you wondered why on earth a 20 year old would turn down a £65,000 basic wage rising to £100,000 per week from a relatively high profile club playing in the most competitive league in the World and in a massive stadium, then look no further than family!

Hammers latest potential 'the transfer that never was' situation regarding Amadou Onana is a classic example of what happens when 'family' get involved professionally, having family members at the helm of young player's careers has become very common place in recent years with some spectacular high end deals being negotiated by relatively inexperienced Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters.

In Amado's case his sister Melisa is one of the three owners of Belgium based Be The Future Management and is the driving force behind the player's outrageous wage demands, she is apparently demanding £135,000 per week which Hammers simply won't pay. Her stance has particularly upset fellow company owner Geoffrey Hoogland who had mediated transfer talks and helped negotiate the massive £35 Million agreed between Lille and West Ham, Hoogland would have pocketed BTFM a minimum of £7.5 Million by taking a commission from BOTH sides as is quite normal now.

Don't forget the Agency also take 20% of Onana's wages, so all in all he IS their cash cow compared with the other 'mid range' players they represent who are generally marginalised Ligue 1 players at best, or only feature in other peripheral less competitive leagues.

Apparently Everton are now 'sniffing around' Onana, his sister will doubtless use the Toffees interest to try and 'pump up the volume', but Moyes and the club simply MUST stick to their guns and walk away from Melisa Onana's demands for her brother, she is perfectly entitled to aim for the moon, she might even reach the stars, but not over Stratford. - Ed



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this will only fester if we get him as she will be pushing for moves here there and everywhere soon as he has a couple of decent games.

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20 years old & what next? Will she be running on the pitch & hitting Les with a handbag if he shouts at him to pull his weight!! lol I honestly despair at the modern game

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Its disgusting mate,i dont think its just the game,its the attitude of some of these people today,i dont want to categorise anyone but i find a certain age group are arrogant and serioisly rate themselves.

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Hope he gets no move & is stuck for 6 months on his piss poor £15k a week. Great work by his sister. Surely these players must realise these Agents are only intrested in themselves.

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Or O na na, never!
Just 20 with just 11 starts in a lesser league.
Taking the pi**.
Would have disrupted the wage structure & internal mind-sets.
Mad Toffees have proved they waste more money than WHU (thankfully, in the past!).

I have to say that box to box defensive midfielders are good but the current attacking midfielders find it very difficult to open a defence. We look hesitant and lacking in ideas & confidence. I prey, Scamacca gets scoring opportunities inside the box, unlike Haller.

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even on 5000 a week is a good wage but as it has been said the youth now days want it all and want it now, so walk away a look elsewhere

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Looks like the Toffees are spilling more dollars down the drain in signing him. Well there are other talents out there that will eventually come West Ham's way. Apparently Belotti is on Moyes radar. But Wolves are trying to mirror Everton's hijacking tactics!! :(

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