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We Know whats coming next dont we

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Submitted by cast iron on Sat, 17/09/2022 - 11:02

Michael Oliver referee for the Toffees match and Mike Dean looking to make sure he can chalk off yet another goal bet Var is used in the wrong way to stop certain teams from scoring goals with a player's hand being offside or his big toe- this game will tell the prem whats coming next and how these 2 can mess up our beautiful game. Come on the greedy 6 we are not wanted. Don't mind VAR being used for what it was originally used for, to help the refs out on difficult decisions or mistaken identities, etc but it seems that referees are so arrogant and refuse to go to the monitor and then send the Leeds manager off, and when they do chalk off perfectly good goal like our goal against Chelski. Wonder if Madley is refereeing this week - should be banned!

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Is a law unto himself but he's only ref who has had the balls to say no to VAR once called to the monitor lets hope he sets a trend there but i will not be holding my breath.

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