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What Do Headless Dinosaur's Do?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Mon, 13/03/2023 - 10:17

"Everyone ran and was committed throughout the game. They deserve a lot of praise, the players, for what they’ve done, they’ve been away and they’ve got something out of today’s game. Just a bit more quality at the death might have just got us something more.”

What game were you watching David Moyes? You do NOT judge an 'elite' professional football team by how much they run otherwise you would have a team full of Olympic sprinters and runners. It is NOT how much players run or how fast they can run, Ryan Fredericks being a case in point, it is what they actually do on the pitch regardless of how far or how fast they run!

Headless chickens uninspired by a headless Dinosaur's antiquated and archaic intransigent attitude was what was on show during Sunday's 'clash' against a visiting bunch of time-wasting cheats that now represent what was a superb football club steeped in tradition. The symmetry that both sets of fans were wearing Claret & Blue just added to the surrealism that this was actually a top flight Premier League game, beamed across the World for 'entertainment'!

Come back Alan Irvine, Please!

The wheels began to come of the Iron's bandwagon when Alan Irvine stepped down from his coaching role, the collateral damage was further exasperated by the exit of Stuart Pearce and the 'loaning out' of Hammers free kick and corner specialist Paul Nevin so that he could pass on ALL his knowledge to players from other teams while they were on England duty, it beggars belief!

On yesterday's showing the club is doomed with Dino Moyes at the helm, sadly it is probably also doomed even if the board had decided to puul the plug on Moyes' tenure after the shambles on show. Gianluca Scamacca and ALL the other expensive summer acquisitions must be eyeing the exit door as this painful season draws to a close.

Even if the club DO survive in the top flight, the damage to the morale of players and supporters alike will take a long time to heal, if at all. Moyes has essentially messed up big time, but is SO STUBBORN that he either (a) is blind to what is going on around him or (b) has become impervious to the reality of what he is supposed to be doing, namely putting a 'contented' hard working team out to face the opposition. NOT a team of players who are so knackered that they are pedestrian come match days.

Take a break Dino, invent a Covid contamination for yourself and let ANYONE, including Doris the Tea Lady take over for a few games and see just how the players respond. A Jurrasic box jury would tell you straight, except you wouldn't hear because you will NOT listen! - LN



How long can it go on! Every week the bloke has the same system,we all wouldn't mind if there were no different options.We could quite easily have won that game with a more positive outlook.In the end we had Cornet,fornals & souscek as an attacking 3!! Wtf!! I liked Cornet at Burnley but he's been out for ages & in 5 mins he's put on up top! Fornals for pac? Yes pac can be frustrating with his final ball at times but he makes things happen,so why not Scam?? It's the 64 million pound question....moyes thinks we are going to beat the likes of Southampton & is banking on it....I despair at the man

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Makes a change from "we did a lot of good things out there today, that nobody noticed". The man is a crappy clint a complete bell end!!!!

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what is the point....he lives in a different universe to the rest of us.....when you look at the various West Ham sites and i am sure Jack does then it cannot of gone unoticed that all fans are saying the same things this cant be coincidence yet nothing seems to register with the board.......if they insist on keeping the relic then surely a word in his ear to the tune of pull your finger out and TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT is not to much to ask of them is it....oh yeah silly me this is Sullivan we are talking about.

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