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The Emporer's New Clothes!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 14/03/2023 - 18:26

Conspiracy theories abound at this moment in time regarding the club's descent into the Championship, why would the Board want it? Their share values will go down like a lead balloon following relegation, so why on Earth are they seemingly just watching on as their prized asset's value crashes?

Kretinsky is NOT a club owner in the Gold & Sullivan vein, he is a canny investor who never over stretches himself and one who is content to just make ' money without headlines'. His numerous acquisitions are ALL shrewd long term investments that are designed to stand the test of time while growing in value.

David Sullivan is a different kettle of fish, he made his cash the hard way along with his partner in business David Gold, they had to 'negotiate' with the extremely corrupt Police force of the time and were superb at being one step ahead of the draconian laws that the obscene publications squad were 'pretending' to enforce.

Their premises were raided SO regularly that all the staff knew the set procedures they had to take which invariably involved a phone call and a brown paper bag! So dealing with a stubborn Dinosaur of a manger should be no problem at all, right? Well on the face of things at the moment, NO!

David Sullivan seems to have lost interest in the club and appears to want to jump ship WITHOUT investing any more money, Kretinsky can let sleeping dogs lie and the Gold family are in the position whereby they will reep a decent reward for David Gold's shares. All that guff about the son in law being a life long Hammers fan is irrelevant, put a massive cheque in front of the family and they will snap your arm off!

"Loyalty is pure, not tainted by the lure of things that might be gained" is a naive viewpoint, of course the Gold family will say that them selling their shares will help the club move forward, it will. It will also represent the end of an era when 'elite' English clubs were owned by people from these shores, 'sportswashing' is so common place it is amazing that there are any British owners left!

We believe essentially that Sullivan has had enough, that is not to say that he won't retain SOME shares, his sons David Jnr and Jack will still maintain a 'family' presence, but the old man will be off. There are worse Chairmen around, the trouble is Hammers fans have got so used to disliking Sullivan that they are in danger of not seeing the forest for the trees, now who else does that?

Rumour has it that David Attenborough is going to do this week's presser with the Moyesosaurus to help explain his tactics!- Ed



some things just can't be explained and this moyes conundrum is one of them totally mind boggling, it's so typical of being a west ham fan ,good luck to David Attenborough with this one !!

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due to loyalty to his old mate Gold’s family, the girls have put it out that they are holding on to their share because they where their dads and I think Sullivan will stay. As for Kratinski he is a businessman so if we go down he will just hang on to his share till we get back up again as if he pulled out he would lose money but he won’t put any more money into the club. The trouble is if we do go down we lose most of our players so it could be a long time till we get back up as we will have to rebuild. We have five or six players that are out of contract and I can’t see any of them wanting to stay, as for the players we bought last summer I reckon they will be off first chance they get.

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On the game tomorrow night - we want to get to a quarter final in Europe for the 2nd season in a row! He's like Swiss Toni trying to sell a lemon!! Problem is sully falls for his spiel every time

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Yes H, being a West Ham fan is like making love to a beautiful women. You wine her, dine her, get ready to 69 her. Then she tells you she's left the washing out and it's about to piss down............

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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We are looking at the wrong target ,sure Moyes is the problem but the real culprit is the board and their unwillingness to sack him, we should be protesting against them , Everton did and their off the bottom and up to 15th.

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My money is still on them to go down. Not an easy fixture run in.

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Sully loses a fortune,he deserves it imo! Westham have never been the same & never will since that idiots decision to move reap what you sow as far as im concerned

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