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Sometimes you just have to laugh

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Fri, 05/05/2023 - 17:55

So having a browse this lunchtime for various stories about West Ham and you get all the usual stuff then i saw a little story saying that "West Ham" are really worried they could lose both Rice and Soucek this summer.

Had to smile and laugh and say it would not come as a surprise to me or any fan that we have no plans in place as to what they will do if & when it happens.

When the seasons over i will be taking a break from the site and keep away from all the rumours because it does do your head in sometimes.....and i have a feeling this summers goings on will tip many a fan over the edge! but hey take a look across the channel and PSG it seems they are now trying to rival us as the biggest circus in town!

Im still inconsolable this evening about the thought of losing Souscek!!
But seriously mate I couldn't give a monkeys,it's Westham we've supported the club for well over 50 years,nothing bothers me any more pal

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Its just a page so you can get money for your Guiness:-0)
and like 65 i've put in a score!

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as well we’re doomed doomed oh well COYI’S,No we’re Not

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All donations goin to the club that has the balls to sign the useless article .
H G , where you been ,? Getting worried bout you

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