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Blah, Blah, Blah! Lingard Bore

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sat, 16/09/2023 - 07:32

There is boring and then there is VERY boring, well very boring is hardly enough to describe the long running 'will he or won't he?' Jesse Lingard to West Ham transfer saga. Fans and those associated with the club have become 'sick as a parrot' with the on off transfer which initially goes back to when the player returned to his parent club Manchester United following an incredibly successful loan spell that saw the midfelder called back into the full England Squad.

Eventually Lingard elected to stay in Manchester AND 'FIGHT FOR HIS PLACE' which didn't turn out the way he planned. He then was offered another shot at playing for the Irons, this time on a permanent basis but instead chose to sign for newly promoted Forest for what turned out to be a disastrous season.

Forest bounced him at the end of the year because of his totally ineffectual performances and since then he has been without a club, despite 'interest' from various parties. The fact is Lingard is a busted flush who might have the odd good game left in him but is a shadow of the player who arrived on loan two years ago.

As we have previously mentioned, there is NO room at West Ham for past it 'big time' Charlies. The club's generosity in allowing Lingard to train should never have been mistaken for an intent to sign the player, merely a gesture of goodwill that was widely and inaccurately reported by the media.

Most people would wish Lingard good luck, but NOT at West Ham! On your bike son..Ed



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When we have a player like Fornals who shuns the limelight puts in the hard work for little game time reward and now looking to leave in January why would you want someone like Lingard who brings nothing but his selfish ego to the table.

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I cant believe this big time Charlie cretin, is still getting column inches. Thing is he's not big time anymore he's just a money grabbing twat, that has seen everything blow up in his face.

I for one, wish him nothing but shit and anonymity. I've got more time for my 13 year old my dogs incontinent disgusting smelly arse than this joker.....

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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and he's really got some mileage out of training with WHU I think us paying for his hotel and transport is a load of B*llcks in fact I think i read he has an apartment in the same block as Moyes and that was months ago. Had enough now, think he is taking us for mugs now and not interested in playing football just being in the limelight

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