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At Least Hammers Won A 1/2!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sat, 16/09/2023 - 16:48

For a brief moment in time on a gloriously sunny day, West Ham managed to put reining Champions Manchester City's nose out of joint! Of course things reverted to type after the interval but boy was it fun while it lasted. City are a behemoth of a team that invariably crush all their opponents asunder, but at least Hammers gave it a good go, especially in the 1st half.

Buoyed up by a vociferous and enthusiastic crowd, the home team surrendered possession but hit City on the break with new signing James Ward-Prowse adding another goal to his already impressive account! As expected, City came out all guns blazing and got their revenge, but no one had really given Hammers a prayer for the game so the disappointment was only to be expected.

Going head to head with the World's top team, at least in the first half, was no mean feat and David Moyes and his players should feel proud of their achievement, at least they didn't just roll over and capitulate like most teams do when facing the Premier League champions.

So although the eventual result was not as many had dreamed of, it was still a great showing bythe Irons and hopefully bodes well for the future.With the new signings yet to fully make their mark there are indeed reasons to be cheerful, the gulf in class might still have been obvious, but it was a far better showing than some of the past drubbings administered by Pep's team when battering previous Hammers line ups, particularly when Pellegrini was manager.

The next Premier League fixture is away to Liverpool which is always an awkward proposition, but on this showing you never know! Fortunes are always hiding, but sometimes it CAN be found! - Ed



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Letting the goal in early doors in second half was the key to the game...Zoumas header brought a worldy save and Ants grrr did not need that extra touch...but all in all considering the chances they had you just have to hold your hands up and admit the better team won but it was not a bad defeat we played well just need a little more belief in what we have.

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McB I make you spot on, indeed I thought the lads did pretty well today, pity about the final outcome but we have probably had our hardest home match of the season and at least thats out of they way now.

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Kehrer has pace to burn. Coufal ahead of him against Doku. Sorry does not compute in my brain.........

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

Averaging two points per game, I’ll take that. And we have played some of the big boys. If we can keep this up that’s Champions League form. COYI.

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I think we are more than good value and have a TEAM not individuals of course losing yesterday was annoying like any loss but they are an exceptional team and thankfully that game is out of the way so all in all we are in a much better place than most of us expected

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I hate them even more than the scum , Doku 65 mill? Peanuts to them, do the attention seeking supporters think never again see a poor day ,the way they play keep the ball when they go 1 or 2 up is positively boring ,i hate an air of invincibility in anything ,specialy sport .

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