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Bare Bones..It Was Coming!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 20/11/2023 - 07:38

There was a certain inevitability that sooner or later Hammers lack of forward recruitments was going to 'bite' the club and it has now done so in a 'Massive' way!

Hot on the heels of injuries to Mikey Antonio and Tomy Soucek, JARROD BOWEN HAS NOW JOINED THE 'CROCK' LIST! Should anyone be surprised? "down to the bare bones" was a favourite expression of 'Arry Redknapp, he used it to 'remind' the board of the paucity of his squad and constantly wheeled and dealed in order to be able to put a consistent team out.

Unfortunately there appears to have been NO plan B in place for Hammers current potential emergency. Tim Steidten CAN work wonders, but he is alongside the epitome of a football Luddite in David Moyes. Moves were made but knocked back by Moyes for a plethora of players, NONE were deemed 'good enough' for the 60 year old Scot!

Does Moyes have a 'glass ceiling' that players cannot reach? If so he needs to adjust his criteria by aquiescing to those who are in the accident waiting to happen? You betcha! - Ed



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F**K**G Internationals what a joke and all you get is a sorry and a bit of compo if injured.
Jarrod takes the rough stuff week in week out gets up carries on i am amazed he is not in the treatment room more but come the call from Parrot Face and bam oh we are really sorry he got injured but we did the right thing and sent him back for a scan at his club well pffffff to him and England its not like they are going to win anything with him in charge.

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In an ironic twist of fate. The injuries to Big Mic and Tommy Souc could be seen as a blessing in disguise. Surely this must promote Mubama as Uncle Ingy does not fit the system. But if Bowen is crocked that will upset the apple cart big stylee.

What will the Moysaurus do next??

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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Simple boogers ,he'll start uncle Ingsy and after hi usual 60 miuets he'll bring on Mum .getting sick of his boat when we are a goal or two down .fekin sour puss .

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