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Opinion, Whats The Difference Between PSR & FFP As Irons Eye Swap Deal?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 28/06/2024 - 18:57

FFP has always been an anomaly to football fans other than those who support teams sponsored or owned by sovereign states, no one seems to know precisely how teams like Man City, PSG and Real Madrid seem to be able to spend limitless amounts of money whereas their own teams are subject to 'third degree' scrutiny over their finances.

There appeared to be more loopholes in FFP than a knitting pattern with implementation of the rules seemingly very unfair, then PSR was introduced which has muddied the waters further! So Whats The Difference Between PSR & FFP?

Profit and sustainability rules relate to club finances regarding player purchases and sales over the course of a financial year, whereas Financial fair play relates to clubs' overall finances spanning FIVE years. Is that clearer? well it might be to the various football associations and governing bodies but to the 'everyday' fan they are an anathema that is not understandable nor acceptable!

Recent point deductions handed out to Everton and Nottingham Forest and those pending against Leicester City seem totally unfair when looking at the expenditure of other clubs who appear to operate with financial impunity.

Keeping on the safe side of PSR & FFP always seems to handicap teams who do comply, teams like West Ham United for example! Of course it puts the owners into a no win, but win win situation. Despite pressure from fans they cannot spend outside of the fiscal limitations laid out, this leaves an ever growing gap between 'mid table' teams like the Irons and 'elite' teams like City.

Is there anything Hammers can do to change the status quo? Well actually there is, money earned for share sales CAN be used to finance the club's activities and to offset the relatively meagre money received from season ticket sales. With basically the cheapest season tickets in the Premier League the club regularly faces a fiscal black hole when trying to match fellow London rivals Arsenal, Chelsea and 'Tottingham'.

Essentially the club sold itself short when moving from the Boleyn to the Stratford Stadium by UNDER pricing the season ticket allocation, fearing that they might have a half full 'white elephant'. The consequences of the cheap ticketing prices is manifest at the beginning of EVERY season and will continue to do so, if Hammers didn't have a 'deal of the century' rental arrangement the situation would be far worse or virtually untenable!

So what is the answer? In the short term, some clever manipulation of loan deals and swap deals could get the club through, but eventually nothing short of additional incoming investment will solve the problem. Until then the club will be forced to enter negotiations similar to the one they are currently trying with Southampton which will see Flynn Downes being swapped for Kyle Walker-Peters, not a perfect resolution but at least a workable deal.

It is a pity Danny Ings couldn't have been thrown into the mix, then it really could have been lovely jubbly! -Ed



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A lot of clubs setting up player swap deals between themselves as it seems this is a loophole that the Prem did not see so and this is where it gets laughable....the Prem will look into each deal and if they feel player prices have been overinflated to make deals happen they will step in and force the selling club to payback what would seem to be the excess in an over the top transfer fee to the case in point the Saints want Downes and will offer KWP+say £5million for him because we value Downes at around £15million so if the Prem think hang on he is not worth that amount they will say we have to give back money as price is over inflated! i think they have a big problem here taking that line.
Firstly purchasing anything at any price is subjective as with anything if you want it and can afford it then sod the price you want it and if happy to pay more than something is allegedly worth and you are aware of that then as the saying goes "buyer beware" sold as seen in what world can the Prem dictate a players worth and i can see this being tested in court.

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Invest heavily in the Academy, open academies in poorer countries where kids don't have access to Playstations and have a hunger to succeed, broaden the scouting network and bring your own players through. Spending big doesn't guarantee anything, ask Arsenal, Newcastle or Chelsea. Big up some of your Academy proteges and flog them at inflated rates and see them flop. Kalvin Phillips is a prime example.
Above all get in a manager who can succeed on a small budget and brings in kids. Does anyone really thing Pep Guardiola would win things at West Ham or Everton?
Once you've done all that, sit back and watch the fallout because Man City, and the like WILL be found out, you watch.

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Guardiola and the like,are good at handling the big shots,divas,but at grass root level bringing on youngsters no way,your right Deluded,we had Pelligrini,and if he stayed one munute longer he would of relegated us,and Moyes saved the day like it or not,Mckenna at Ipswich i take my hat off to,whether he could handle bigger clubs who knows,perhaps not,remember Pardew he did wonders at Reading as up and coming manager,then moved to us,its a suck it and see at both ends of the spectrum really with managers.

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