21st Century Schizoid Ham

Back in the day when we relaunched the Org, James Mad Hammer and I wanted wanted to have 21st century schizoid man to sound off as soon as you logged in, unfortunately dear old Bob Fripp, a distant colleague is fiercely protective over the rights to the track and we were unable to use it, however even dear old Bob won't mind us paraphrasing some of the lyrics*.

"Cat's foot, IRON'S claw, neuro surgeons scream for more, at paranoia's poison door, 21st century schizoid man". There couldn't be a more apt description of how it is to be a West Ham United supporter, player, or even owner. How is it that a team can be so utterly inept one match, and then outrageously sublime the next, a team that can be so paradoxical that you know it will put you through the same roller coaster of anxiety, and yet you still support them, is it an illness?

The answer is quite simple, this is West Ham,VAR somehow deprived Manuel Pellegini's side of the two goals that would have really reflected his side's overall performance, it is not a new phenomena, it has always been thus, and is one of the reasons that the club, despite all that is thrown at it, is, and always be unique, exasperating, annoying, infectious and occasionally rewarding, it is the way it has always been, and is probably the way things will always be.

Antonio is in danger of getting called up for England, and you know how bad things usually end up in that scenario, and of course David Martin had to get injured, possibly fairly long term, there's nothing left to do other than promote Joseph Anang, or get Doris to dust off her socks!

Is this the West Ham Way? - Ed



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And despite a first half performance that merited more than the one goal we got El Pel did his best to snatch a draw from a deserved victory.....Atkinson and(VAR) made up for not giving us the penalty we should of had in the first half by disallowing Ings worldy goal for an innocuous foul on Yarma......still the substituting of Haller was unbelievable by the manager it dragged the team deeper and deeper when it was clear that southampton had to commit more men forward so we could then exploit the space left behind but nope protect what we have with what 15mins left that was insane and we only just got away with it.....I hope the board do whats needed but that costs money so i doubt that.

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Doris the Tea Lady makes a comeback...man, she was a craic...

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