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All Aboard The 'Jesse' Wagon

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 08/04/2021 - 10:51

There appears to be an under swell of fetid comments regarding West Ham United's 'bromance' with Jesse Lingard, his arrival at the unnamed London Stadium, let's call it the Teslar Stadium and pretend the club's sponsors are electric rather than eclectic, has been nothing short of 'Payetesque'.

Now Payet's name may have been 'sullied' (we do like that word's connections and connotations) by his acrimonious departure, earning him the 'Le Snake' moniker, but for a while he lit up the sky with his pure brilliance. Everyone knew it wouldn't last, and so when Marseille came calling, in addition to some of the player's off field personal dalliances, he was always going to be departing the club.

Jesse Lingard's arrival at West Ham wasn't greeted with much of a fanfare, with many fans seeing him as a Manchester United reject who would be unfit and would just cost a load of money just to be sitting in the treatment room. His debut well and truly blew that theory out of the water, playing from the start and scoring twice against Aston Villa, he has since gone on to score SIX goals in eight games and been credited with three assists.

No one at Manchester United nor indeed at West Ham, had any idea of just how explosive Lingard was going to be, unfortunately there wasn't any agreement to buy the attacking midfielder put in place at the time, this was as a result of his 'bad' parent club not wanting to completely lose their asset, in the hope that he would perform well and thus increase his value, and the loaning club not wanting to commit themselves to yet another expensive mistake in a similar vein to the signings of Jack Wilshere, Andriy Yarmolenlo and Le Sulk.

Hindsight is wonderful, but can only be learned from, not having a permanent deal in place is now looking like a really bad move, because the player's value has sky rocketed from around £10-15 Million to between £20-30 Million or more! Nonsensical comments from the club's senior 'spokesperson' saying the club will do anything to sign Lingard are far from helpful, in fact David Moyes is known to immensely dislike 'disclosures' emanating from the club, his conduct business behind closed doors mantra is appearing to fall on deaf ears.

Lingard is far from stupid, and doesn't need any of the club's hierarchy to validate his presence, the only opinions that matters to him are those of his manager, and the rest of the squad who couldn't have given him a better reception. The player knows that he is a big fish in a small pond at West Ham, whereas if he returns to Manchester United, he will be a 'bit' player at best, a scenario that the 28 year old is unlikely to embrace, unfortunately there will be a host of other clubs wanting to sign Lingard, and the Mancs will be hoping for a bidding war for their player, even if they had written him off before his Hammers loan spell.

The Irons could find themselves priced out of the market by the likes of Leicester or even the dreaded Tottenham 'mourinho' all stars! - Ed



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Somehow I feel Jesses agent is thinking all of his birthdays christmas and pancake days have come at once. Don't hold your breath Sportsfans......

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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We want him we have a budget if manure decide to create a bidding war we should steer clear.....he has been unbelievably brilliant since his arrival and he is know fool and well aware we want him but ultimately it is his choice....let him and his agent know the contract we would offer and leave it for them to decide.....but we also have other areas of the squad that need looking at so we must not put all our eggs in one basket

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At any cost we should buy him,we havent had anyone like him for years,even payet wasnt in lingards league in my opinion,if we cant afford him,we shouldnt be where we are,and especially should of stayed at the beloved Upton Park.....Even when we have spent out,its been on a pile of shit,so where does it leave us,looking round league one.....Gold and Sullivan hey,the jokes on you.

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