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All Bets Are Off For Hammers Survival!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 19/04/2023 - 20:37

According to a football 'super computer's' most recent findings West Ham United are almost certainly going to avoid being relegated, but only just and at the expense of one of the club's previously managed by current incumbent David Moyes. Southampton look done and dusted and only a miraculous run of results can possibly save them, Everton are teetering on the brink as are Leeds and Nottingham Forest!

Hammers fans won't mind which teams make up the dreaded three so long as it is another club, punters can get all sorts of odds on Premier League survival but the easy money does NOT include West Ham, this was not the case as recently as 5 games ago but recent wins and the 'come back' draw against aspirational Premier League winners Arsenal have left the Irons in a far more respectable position, albeit only 4 points off of the drop zone.

The fact that ALL the teams in the bottom six have to play each other has helped Hammers cause, but you can still get the odd good deal by trying further afield with Betting Sites who do Casino as well, in case you think the Bookies are being a bit mean when it comes to pricing West Ham, then again who ever has heard of a Bookie that isn't mean?

There is still plenty to play for this season beginning with tomorrow night's 'Con Cup' 1/4 final against Ghent or Gent depending on your country of origin, the game is swiftly followed by the away tie against Bournemouth on the weekend, a win at the Ames would virtually guarantee Hammers survival in the topm flight ahead of what many are anticipating to be a complete overhaul from top to bottom of the club INCLUDING David Moyes irrespective of whether he oversees a victory in the Conference Cup and keeps the club in the Premier League, it appears that his tenure WILL cone to a 'mutual' end, which means he will get paid off for the remaining year of his contract believed to be worth £8 Million per year.

Who ever comes into replace Moyes needs to hit the ground running because there are numerous players who need contracts renewing or need replacing as well as a disparate squad that is very talented but needs to be 'rebonded', the talent is there it just needs nurturing, there are also the U-18 and U-21teams that are bursting with talent that need to be given a fair crack of the whip which has NOT been the case since Moyes' tenure.

Make no mistake this has been a long and gruelling season for both players and fans alike, it is most definitely a situation that was NOT expected, but IF the team can pull through as the super computer has predicted then there is no reason to think that next season could see the team climb back to the relatively 'lofty heights' that it attained over the last couple of years.

Win the 1/4 final and put Bournemouth to bed, simples isn't it? If only the super computer could play at left back! - Ed



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so a super computer can be turned into a bedside alarm clock its West Ham its what we do.

Regarding replacements you just never know it could be Sullivans bit of stuffs brothers best friends mechanics son whose under tens side is unbeaten this season under Mr Davies gets the job but he is demanding all school holidays are honoured before he signs on the dotted!

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