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All Good Things

Submitted by Louis Nixon on Sun, 21/11/2021 - 09:41

All good things is an expression usually completed by either of the juxtaposed following words, 'come to those who wait' or must come to an end'. Well having waited so long for a series of empowering victories, Hammers fans were rewarded with a quite remarkable sequence of positive results, that covers the 'All good things come to those who wait'.

Unfortunately fans are now experiencing the 'All good things must come to an end' feeling that has accompanied the club's first Premier League away defeat, thus leaving only London rivals Chelsea with an unblemished record on the road. They do have a slightly larger squad though!

Anyone who expected Hammers NOT to lose games during the season is as stupid as they are naive, but there is NO logic in being a fan and Saturday's 1-0 defeat away to a resurgent Wolves seems especially painful. "The bubble has burst, and we burst your bubble" Wolves fans were singing at the final whistle, on the balance of play they probably deserved the win.

There was however NO disgrace in failure, yes Soucek looked a bit leggy, but he has done so all season, and the rest of the team looked a bit laboured, but it shouldn't detract from the fact that Hammers were beaten fair and square, it is what it was.

It is funny how times change isn't it? The very fact that fans are disappointed following a narrow 1-0 defeat AWAY from home shows just how far the club has progressed since David Moyes' 'second coming'. Were some of the players guilty of a bit of complacency? Maybe, but if they were, one thing that is guaranteed is that those players will have a rude awakening on Monday morning at the club's 'Goose Green' training ground when confronted by the animated 'attentions' of Chicken Kev and Psycho!

It's not all gloom and doom though, the club is still sitting FOURTH in the Premier League and have fixtures coming thick and fast, so there is NO time to dwell on the past. While a 'who should play alongside Kurt Zouma' debate rages, fans should at least take comfort in the fact that they are NOT supporters of Manchester United, if the 1-0 defeat at Wolves felt bad, just imagine how all those 'Mancs' fans who live in London and the home counties feel, let alone those who actually live in the Metropolitan area of Manchester themselves - LN


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