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The Best Ways to Celebrate a West Ham Win If You Bet

Submitted by USA Hammer on Thu, 23/02/2023 - 09:24

Times are tough for West Ham fans. Our Premier League season is in tatters, and we sit on the brink of relegation – third from the bottom! With just 20 points, we are right in the thick of the battle, and the only saving grace is that there are five or six teams in a similar situation.

Leicester City, Wolves, Everton, Bournemouth, Leeds, and Southampton are all on similar points, and we aren’t out of the EPL yet! With all this doom and gloom, we need something positive!

As a result, in the below article, we look at how you can celebrate a Hammers’ victory in style and what you can do to show your support for the club – enjoy!

Let’s Face it – Wins are Currently Few and Far Between!

Currently, we don’t have much to shout about as West Ham fans! Spuds thumped us 2-0 in the recent London derby and the games before that have been a mixed bag too.

Admittedly we did get draws against Chelsea and Newcastle which were probably unexpected. Regardless, our season isn’t going well, and it’s never a nice feeling being in the bottom three of the Premier League table!

Make the Most of The Hammer’s Triumphs

Now that we’ve got that unpleasantness out of the way, let’s be positive! How can we celebrate and have fun when we win (yes, let’s say WHEN is an inevitability)? It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity and the upset about our league position.

We have listed four simple and fun ways to celebrate when West Ham finally wins another game!

1. Spend your sportsbook winnings at an online casino

Sports betting goes hand in hand with football; many enjoy placing bets as they watch their favorite teams. There are loads of sportsbooks available for people to use, and most have handy mobile apps too.

Therefore, why not do something similar and try to boost your winnings by playing at an online casino? You could transfer your winnings from the sportsbook and deposit them at the online casino. Platforms typically have hundreds of games, like slots and table games.

Many even have welcome offers for new customers that you can benefit from. This could be fun after the Hammers pull off a win.

2. Get on social media and brag

Everyone loves to proclaim their support for their football team, so why not do this on social media? People quickly kick the Hammers when they are down and losing, so let’s even the odds and kick back with some social media posts.

You could search for trending hashtags on Twitter relating to West Ham and join in on conversations and tweets from other supporters. You only have to look at Twitter to see posts about our recent loss against the Spurs.

When we win our next EPL game, fans must log on to their social media profiles and remind people that we have a voice and love the Hammers!

3. Head down to the pub for a celebratory pint

This is an obvious one and a pastime for many football fans. What’s better than celebrating a well-earned victory than heading down to your local pub or restaurant for a celebratory drink?

You could even watch the match at the pub in the first place! This makes football a communal event you can enjoy with friends and fellow supporters.

That first drink will feel much better if the Hammers have won, and depending on the time of the match, you could turn one drink into an evening session with the lads and lasses!

4. Share the love on the community forum

It’s great to share your joy and relief that the West Ham squad has won with fellow supporters, too. Many die-hard fans love discussing the games and assessing what we could have done better.

The best place for this is our forum; we have many topics relating to games, injuries, upcoming matches, and previous results. There are thousands of posts by active members who love the game and have been West Ham supporters for years.

We don’t have much to shout about, with only five wins in the 2022-23 EPL season! Things aren’t going well, and being third from the bottom is not where the Hammers want to be. As a result, making the most of any points or wins we get is essential!

Make sure you share the love, show your support for West Ham and continue to display that we are some of the best football fans in the world!


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