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Braithwaite Barcelona Bull**** Again!

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Mon, 02/08/2021 - 10:57

We acknowledge that it is after all the 'silly season', but there is silly and then there's just plain stupid, the latter being a category that the Martin Braithwaite from Barcelona to West Ham 'story' falls in. The 'fantasy' story, if you are representing Barcelona, or the nightmare if you are a Hammers fan, is being continuously and erroneously reported and re reported by a steady stream of media outlets that should know better.

Lazy journalism that is being regurgitated is nothing new, and perhaps Hammers lack of transfer activity is partly to blame. West Ham have traditionally been a very good source of news, rarely positive and mostly negative, that was easily come by, especially during the 'Twins' early years'

Hammers have always received a disproportionate amount of news coverage compared to other teams of similar standing, so the lack of juicy gossip emerging from the club's 'Goose Green' training ground and the London Stadium has left many journo's floundering....some might even accuse others of printing mistruths or heresay if they have something relevant to report!

Reverting to the title, Braithwaite Barcelona Bull**** Again! Amusingly the 'purported price' being 'negotiated by West Ham with Barca has dramatically fallen, somewhere there is an agent playing with his Ouija board praying that he can 'lock into' Sully's mindset to get the deal over the line before Hammers 'real' head of recruitment takes over.

Hammers need for a striker is almost as well known as David Sullivan's 'transfer acumen, that is NOT to say that he hasn't signed the odd good player, it is just that unfortunately he HAS signed players who are odd, too frequently! Once the proper recruitment tools are in place, things should progress with more clarity and less claret & hugh! - Ed



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