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Contemptuous Pool Comments Irk Moyes

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 10/05/2022 - 08:26

To read some of the clap trap emerging from Merseyside you would think that Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool only have to snap their fingers and Hammers starlet Jarrod Bowen would come scurrying up to Anfield in order to sign on the dotted line, NOTHING can be further from the truth!

West Ham manager David Moyes offered a curt response to one particular reporter at the Hammers award night when asked about the Pool's interest in Bowen, "Of course there is interest in Jarrod from other clubs, why wouldn't there be? But it is entirely disrespectful to publicly discuss players who are under contract to another team, I am surprised Jurgen would openly mention Jarrod to the media and suspect that there is a bit of mischief involved, I would NEVER talk about other club's players that I might want to sign to the media, irrespective of how much I rate them".

At the end of the day, one might surmise the hyperbole is all a load of 'Klopp Trap'. - Ed



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The club and owners are now going to have to put there money where there mouths are if we even hope of holding onto a player like Bowen.

Tapping up goes on all the time and agents play a big part in that so lets hope players use there brain for once....Bowen a 100% starter when fit go to somewhere like the bindippers or citeh its bench warming time...look at Grealish look at Oxalaid Chamberlain look at Shaqiri....all starters at previous clubs go to side like those and like i said bench at best and because of the ridiculous ruling that allows for 5 subs the big clubs can have even more top players warming the bench.

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Agree 100% , The 5 subs rule only benefits the big clubs like Liverpool, City and Man Utd or Chelsea. You can argue the toss whether the spuds or the arse are included in that list.

The modern game is changing, the squad and ability to change the game in 90 mins. Is now arguably more important than the 11 starting the match?

Grealish is a prime example, the City squad is that in depth talent wise as is Liverpool to a lesser extent.

Players need to look in the mirror and say. Do I want to be a squad player, or a starter. Do I want to be part of a big quality squad and win things. Or do I want to be a big fish in a smaller pond?

These I suppose are the million dollar questions.....

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Bang on boogers,its getting ridiculous ,when a £100 million player isnt assured of a place ,i wonder what they'll all think of the new signing Halland,id say theres a few of them not happy .

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Indeed with all the finals Liverpool and City get to. How many of the big names are going to be able to say. Yes I won that Cup or medal, but I didn't actually get on the pitch that day?

To me, it kind of takes the shine off the event, but at the end of the day winning 3 European cups 4 Fa cups etc will always be in the record books. But to actually say I only featured in 2 of them, well there you go!!

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