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Declan Unhappy Blah Blah!

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Sat, 21/08/2021 - 16:16

Hmm, the mischief makers can't resist a free hit at West Ham's expense, by opening up the 'Declan Rice unhappy' story, yet again. 'Declan Rice is ready to run down his West Ham contract amid interest from Man Utd as the midfielder feels his £100 price tag has prevented him from securing a move away, the 22-year-old feels as though his £100m valuation has priced him out of a move away and is now ready to run down his current deal', reports the Telegraph.

The (sic) incredibly well written and researched article then mentions: 'Rice will continue to give his all for the club until his contract runs out in 2024.'

This is about as news worthy as talking about the potential winner of next year's Wimbledon, no sorry, about Wimbledon in 2024! Come on, what a load of clap track, this 'story' is lazy journalism in the extreme, although there is a darker aspect to it's resurfacing.

Potential Manchester United 'targets' do have an uncanny knack of having stories appear about supposed malcontent at their clubs, there are many who openly acknowledge that 'Elite' clubs are able to circumnavigate the Tapping up rules by using their extensive media connections. They don't come more extensive than those of Manchester United!

Ex- United boss Alex Ferguson once famously called the Real Madrid board 'A bunch of Gangsters', when describing their tapping up of Ronaldo, Pot calling the kettle? Make no mistake, the little Norg will do all he can to emulate old red nose's transfer acumen.

That acumen involves pulling out all the hospitality stops available, a mode that the well oiled Old Trafford media machine are extremely good at. Their blatant attempt at using the National Press in order to destabilise Declan is indicative of a club that is desperate to keep up with it's more successful neighbours.

Hopefully the 60,000 plus crowd at the London Dome will let Declan know just how much he is appreciated, although only a fool would expect the future England captain to stay at the club past 2023. One man one club is a thing of the past, however West Ham do have the opportunity of using their Talisman to help them establish themselves in the upper echelons of the Barclays Premier League, and get a massive amount of money to reinvest in the squad to boot.

Declan could return playing for any other other club and get a great reception, with the obvious exception of Tottingham, so enjoy him while you can, beginning at the Dome on Monday evening! LN



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Have PAI got mates in the media?...... Bad news for us as supporters may be looked at as good news for them. Which is probably why they didn't start this nonsense at the end of last season?

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...and if we have a blinding season with all our new signings (!) and stay in the top four two seasons on the bounce, what's the odds of him staying...?

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Obs a slow news day, the last thing I read about Decs was he had spoken to David Moyes about a box to box role, unless DM has morphed into OGS then I see this piece as worthless/

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……perhaps his immense and committed performance at Newcastle is the best indication of how happy he is at the club….

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All that smiling and positive body language,and getting excited when we scored is enough to show he is unhappy at the club lol,just look at what Haller,now there was a miserable see you next tuesday,if there ever was.

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