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The Decs-Scam & Em Show

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Thu, 23/03/2023 - 17:20

Tonight England face Italy for their European Championship Qualifying Group C game at The Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, a game that promises to feature two if not three Hammers players. Declan Rice lines up for England against Roberto Mancini's Italian team that will most likely feature Emerson Palmieri and Gianluca Scamacca.

Scamacca is in desperate need of 'positive' playing time in front of an enthusiastic International manager who believes in him, as opposed to his experiences at West Ham where he has hardly had a look under David Moyes in since his £35 Million summer transfer from ‎Sassuolo.

Emerson as he likes to be called has come on leaps and bounds since he replaced Aaron Cresswell in Hammers starting line up, the £14 Million left back has slotted in nicely since his move across London from Chelsea and will be looking to test England's defence as he bombs forward.

Facing Hammers Italian duo will be their club captain Declan Rice, who has come in for severe criticism from yet another pundit who is green with envy of today's players because they earn more in a month than they did in a year when they played! Grame Souness and Roy Keane have both had their 'little digs' regarding Declan, the envious twosome should perhaps look more to themselves when it comes to their broadcasting presentation, which is essentially to trash current day players, than picking on players who are too polite to their elders to call them out!

Dino Moyes will be hoping his players don't get injured during the game, whereas Hammers fans will watch with delight as they will be able to see their players perform free of 'Dino's' rigid discipline for once. Back in the day, International games were rather boring for Iron's fans because the club had very few International players, now it is very different.

Hammers have a dozen players representing their various countries, which is a good old chunk of the squad. They are good enough to be selected by the managers of their countries and yet struggle to get game time under Moyes, funny that isn't it? Well it would be funny if it wasn't a painful example of how disconnected and disenfranchised they are domestically as opposed to Internationally.

Hopefully they will all return injury free, perhaps 'Moyes might actually be inspired when he sees his players playing with a freedom and commitment they find difficult to do with him as their coach, you never know, he might even start to use them properly! - LN



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It was a thoroughly deserved win by England against the Italians and the financially compromised referee with his hidden Swiss bank account. The ref was a "Homer" with a capital "H" and I had him figured out within the first 10 minutes... Thank #@$! for VAR... I never thought that I would say that, as he would NEVER have given that penalty.

Well done again to Declan, for scoring and giving the performance we see week in week out from him. Although we know that he is on his way come summer, all of the interested parties either repeatedly, commenting, leaking or printing lowball transfer prices... have had their work come undone by the man himself.

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Maybe big Dec was fired up following negative comments from fellow dinosaurs Graeme Souness and Roy Keane. Well done lad, shoved it right up their jaxy's!!!

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He's a top player & good luck to him....said it before he's only tried his best for Westham & top clubs are after him so who can blame him!He hasn't acted like other mercenaries we've had & unfortunately the club hasn't matched his ambitions

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good luck to him where ever he ends up, I have thoughly enjoyed watching him play both for us and England

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Yes i think the club has let him down,here we have one of the best midfielders in the world,we were sold the dream that we were going places,and here we are on the brink of letting him go instead of bringing others in of the same class.......We havent progressed since the Boleyn,two decent seasons is a joke,cant dwell on them any more,if we go down being a laughing stock is an understatement.

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No doubt Rice was the Man of the Match. That yellow given to him was ridiculous, however glad to see that Luke Shaw getting a red. Arrogant dude who cannot control himself. Also, watched the Czech v Poland match. Coufal was on fire and assisted in their goal from the throw in. However towards the dying minutes he seemed to sit down on the ground and was substituted. Hopefully, nothing serious. But one player that stood out was Kraal. Remember him? He also provided the assists and was a great playmaker who got all the praises from the commentators with some magical tactics and very concise passes. Obviously, he slipped through Moyes hands and was not given a fair amount of game time, otherwise he looked like a good replacement for Rice when he leaves in the summer!!

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Has faced a fair share from his detractors but what Souness and Keane seem to forget that he has had to play an ever increasing role defensively due to injuries to key players, Souness and Keane had the luxury of Dalglish, Rush, McMahon..... Giggs, Butt, Scholes etc around them. Rice Englands Player of the Match was well deserved.

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