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Di Canio Shock Return?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Wed, 08/03/2023 - 21:18

Wouldn't Hammers fans just love it? The sight of Paulo Di Canio patrolling the touch line, just ready to erupt in a 'stylish Roman rage' at the slightest offence by his own players let alone the opposition! Majority shareholder David Sullivan once said that he would absolutely 'love' Di Canio as a manager but that he was a loose canon that couldn't be controlled.

Di Canio's managerial track record doesn't make particularly good reading, but as a short term fixer there are few who doubt his motivational qualities. Could he be the 'quick fix' that the irons need to maintain their top flight status in what is looking to be a hell of battle down at the bottom of the Premier League?

The sight of Di Canio, joined by Stuart Pearce, Alan Irvine and of course Mr West Ham Mark Noble couldn't fail to inspire the crowd, would it inspire the players? Some say they are over paid prima donna's who need a good kick up the backside, others that they are finely tuned athletes that need encouraging and remonstrating in equal measure or as necessary depending on their individual needs.

What isn't in doubt is that the players WOULD take note of them, they would inspire them to be themselves and play with the freedom they need to fully exploit their undoubted potential. Imagine Di Canio having a word in Scamacca's shell like? Better than a dug up corpse of a character erring on the side of caution relentlessly.

Will Di Canio be asked to come and rescue the club? Most likely not, which is rather sad because he and the aforementioned other coaches as well as Chicken Kiev Nolan WOULD whip the players into shape, and by that we don't mean getting them to run as far and as fast as they can like headless chickens, but to run hard and fast with a purpose in mind, following a clearly laid out plan, but one which is ADAPTABLE, a word that seems to have completely disappeared from the Moyesosoraus dictionary!

At least the team would go down fighting, fans would stay to the end of each game and the atmosphere at the home ground would be more akin to the rare moments of glory achieved under the lights during the Europa League campaign. ANY success in the third tier of European competition known as the Conference League Cup this season would merely mask the decline of the club, a decline that could have truly MASSIVE repercussions for West Ham.

Di Canio's dream team or Moyes's mausoleum? It may not be practical, but it would be magnificent in the short term! - LN



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