The Elephant In The Toon!

Just when Hammers fans began to dream of their club becoming genuine top six contenders on a regular basis, along comes a competitor who can blow not only West Ham, but any other club in World football completely out of the water! Irrespective of the possible human rights and slavery abuses allegedly carried out by the de facto owners of the state investment fund that has just purchased Newcastle United from Mike Ashley, the fact is the numbers won't add up for West Ham.

Every single one of Hammers potential transfer deals is now in danger of being scuppered by the most recent 'new kids on the Block' to have acquired massive funding from a middle east pariah state, the aptly named Amanda Stavely, substitute an L for the T, has been quick to drip feed Toon fans, starved of any good news for years, information regarding potential signings for the January window.

Tapping up being seen as stage one of a successful 'whitewashing', followed up by extensive community funding of 'worthy' projects while simultaneously turning a blind eye to gross atrocities, even murders carried out by the club's new owner's security services in their homeland.

The funding made available by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salma WILL see the Toon become a footballing force, it will be a double whammy for the beleaguered Hammers owners because now Mike AShley has gone, they will take up the baton of being the most disliked owners of ANY Barclays Premier League club, while at the same time seeing all their potential business plans go up in smoke.

Amanda Stavely 'slaved' over getting the deal done for a couple of years, you could say that Newcastle fans will now become 'Slaves to the rhythm' of clinking coins and rattling chains in equal measure! - Ed



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I'm not jealous and I wouldn't belittle such atrocities, but I have recently become aware on a deeper level that it is ALL about Perspective, Conscience and Money.
Perspective and Conscience in that what the media deem to be atrocities and the will of the media to make these crimes known to the public.
The conscience part is IF the public is not outraged enough, you can then turn a blind eye because the media are not pushing this campaign.
Money makes this all possible!
Everywhere you look, there is a stench of corruption and our government take the lead in the way that they operate. China also has a disgusting record on human rights issues, but this country is happy to do business with them (and anyone else for that matter), and even use their suppression methods as a form of control in this country.
So it is all about perspective and in Newcastle's situation, I'm sure their supporters don't give a 4X... This would probably be the case with Us, as well as 90% of football clubs up and down the country!

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Someone rich from the middle east rocks up,buys a prem club & throws money at it like it's gone out of ceased being the working mans game a long time ago

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Well said 65.

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