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Ere Wig Ho!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 16/09/2021 - 15:27

It's been a long long time, but the West Ham bandwagon is back on the road, a fresh lick of paint and a new ticket was all that was needed to fire up the Atkins transport coach that had been mothballed for forty years!
Those who are old enough to remember will have conveniently forgotten some of the poorer excursions and will choose only to remember the great European nights of old.

It is rather fitting that 'old school' David Moyes should be in charge of the Irons for theDinamo Zagreb fixture this afternoon, whether his approach will be old school is another matter entirely, will he start all his new boys? Or will he elect caution as part of his game mode?

We'll find out pretty soon because the team sheets will be available in around an hour and a half, Mark Noble has been mooted as a surprise starter, the idea being that his experience of big match occasions will offset his waning abilities to perform at elite level.

For once the stress element involved in watching West Ham due to the fact that the Dinamo game is one of six in the group, this means any bad results can be overcome eventually, of course it would be preferable to gain a victory in Zagreb, but even a draw would be OK against what is the strongest team in the group, apart from West Ham that is! - ED Team sheets to follow at 16:45 hrs


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