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Euro 'Soccer' League Cunning Stunts?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 20/04/2021 - 10:14

Was the timing of the 'Euro Soccer League' announcement an example of the type of 'cunning stunts' that will be running the 'top boy's club'? We are sure the analogy will not be lost by most viewers, particularly those of a certain age who watched TV comedies in the early nineties, 'cunning stunt' was a play on words that 'kinda lingers'.

Around the same time as these new wave comedians were strutting their stuff a break away football league was being announced, much to the consternation of the bulk of football fans, as we know the Premier League has gone on to be the most successful global sporting medium of all time, surpassing the American NFL.

There is however a vast difference between the forming of the premier league and the proposals for the Euro 'soccer' league, in principal the premier league still embraced the jeopardy element of relation and promotion, an ethos that encouraged fans, many blindly, into believing their club could reach close to the summit.

The Soccer league does NOT, it is essentially a closed shop that tosses a few scraps to the 'little people' once in a while. NOw it is easy to have a knee jerk reaction to anything new and as such the 'merits' of the offer have to be reviewed whether we like them or not.

The hopes of the top cats are that every thing will blow over, and when the dust settles a 'compromise' will be reached in order for the various competitions to be played in tandem, this does rather dilute their 'elite' delusions that state they want to have top quality product available for the 'billions' who will watch their 'pets' play.

We have canvassed opinion from fans and webmasters from the six 'traitor' clubs, and all are appalled at was has occurred, but they weren't that surprised, without their clubs being able to 'milk them' of their gate money it just seemed a matter of time before the 'bean counters' would come up with a way to offset the massive financial losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

All of the signatories to the Soccer League, both home and abroad, are facing massive financial meltdown due to their 'bloated' recruitment policies that saw them literally outbid other clubs for stars galacticos, the wages on offer alone for ONE player would be enough to keep a League 1 team going for an entire season!

How exactly all the recent events affect West Ham will be clearer later today, once the remaining fourteen Barclays Premier League teams have met to discuss the issue, but it seems that there will be a truce between the warring parties, with the Soccer league postponing their launch for another season, during which time each party can 'negotiate' with the other.

Whilst appeasement has always proven to be the wrong choice in the long run, in the short term it may be inevitable, if not be prepared for a bare knuckle ride,sponsors will want their money back, players contracts could be nullified, and even the season's results of the 'Soccerites' could be expunged, which incidentally would benefit West Ham more than any of the other clubs left. The next few days and hours will dictate the speed of change, but unfortunately this does rather seem like the beginning of the end, AND the end of the beginning. - Ed



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Already on verge of pulling out tonight and Levy having second God what sort of reaction did they expect it just shows how out of touch these owners are......and even if they all decide ooops sorry we made a boo boo please forgive us then the premier league still needs to dish out punishment to those clubs showing them that there has to be consequences for there actions....and U.E.F.A. needs to throw them out and ban them from european competition for a season at least so no club who signed up for it realises that no matter who you are or how big you are the world of football can carry on without Madrid/Manure/Milan/Citeh....every last one of you can do one

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I think it is critical we join this Euro Super League immediately. With the likely sanctions being executive head rolling this would be a great way to oust 1/3 of the evil clowns running our club

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