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Europe All But Done, But Which One?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Thu, 12/05/2022 - 08:09

Man City's devastation of Wolves last night all but guaranteed West Ham a place in European competition next season, unless the midlanders manage to beat already relegated Norwich and title contenders Liverpool. Unfortunately City's demolition job will likely serve as a portent of as to how Manchester's leading club will approach their game at the Stratford Stadium on Sunday, a game which of course is Hammers final home game of the season and which will be 'Mr West Ham' Mark Noble's final home involvement as a squad player.

After Sunday David Moyes will need to muster his troops for one final effort as they take on a newly resurgent Brighton at the Amex, for the final game of the Premier League season. A Europa League spot is up for grabs as well as a place in the Europa Conference League, Manchester United HAVE to beat Palace at Selhurst Park on the final game of the season in order to qualify for the Europa, it they lose they face not even being in Europe at all!

As much as fans have belittled the newly created, but ill advisedly named Conference Cup, it IS European football and the fact that Hammers might deny the Old Trafford team their place shows just what an incredible job David Moyes, his staff and the players have done in the last couple of seasons to be able to 'dine at the top table' albeit at the end which is next to the toilets!

Whatever happens it has been a memorable season, one which has probably convinced Declan Rice to stay on for one more year before departing for pastures and fortunes new. Who knows, if Hammers could do well in Europe again AND more importantly use the club's new found wealth to bring in top players and to fund the necessary wages required, Decs might even decide to stay.

Sunday will be emotional, but having been on the receiving end of a host of drubbings from the visitors in the past, it is to be hoped that the day will end well, without a severe tonking! It is going to be bright and Sunny on Sunday which will contribute to a carnival like atmosphere, if you have a ticket and want to take in Marky's last game at home, we would suggest you get to the game early, because most of the added entertainment including a pre-recorded Video from Carlos Tevez is scheduled to take place well ahead of the actual game. - LN



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Unless we make the squad better and bigger and utilise all of them just not bench warmers who never get a game we will have the same as this season.....yes the european nights were fun but the whinging about players being tired and forced to play to many games in short space of time is it worth it? unless like i have mentioned Moyes changes from flogging to death the same players week in week out but he is not one for changing is it

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Dining at the top table next to the toilets! Spot on sums it up for me,Europey cup or conference or even the isthmian league south whatever it is,great for the fans on a European adventure but dodgy refs,Oscar candidates for falling like they've been shot & 2 bob plastic annoying "ultras" thanks

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Ive been stating this all along and would of prefered to of won the FA Cup,and got frowned upon by many in the pub i go to before the games,but even winning that will put you in Europe,so progression brings on Europe,its the depth of squad that is needed to handle it,which is what the heirarcy needs to work on,start spending!!!!

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Of how well we could have done this season without the distraction of Mickey Mouse Europa league for me. And the Conference thingy is even worse. Top four and an FA Cup Final would have been a much better season for me if I'm honest. We got £143 million plus last season for our 6th place finish ( admittedly we didn't see much of it being spent on the field) and roughly £7mill for our Europa run. You do the maths.

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I’ve done the maths Deluded. Yes if we didn’t have the “distraction” of Europa we might have challenged for fourth. But after finishing sixth last season how do you turn around and say to UEFA, no thanks, we don’t want to play in your Mickey Mouse cup. Maybe if we finished fourth they might say to us , you didn’t want to sit at the breakfast counter last year you are not invited to dine at the top table this one.

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