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Forget Klopp & Others..Hammers Charged!

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Submitted by Burkie1 on Thu, 20/10/2022 - 17:44

West Ham have been charged by the Football Association after their players surrounded referee Peter Bankes during Sunday's draw at Southampton. The Irons players were angered by the decision to allow Romain Perraud's goal in the 1-1 draw as they felt Bankes blocked Jarrod Bowen's path as he attempted to beat Perraud to the ball in the 20th minute.

The club have been charged with failing to ensure that its players "conducted themselves in an orderly fashion" and have until Monday to respond! Unbelievable, given some of the antics displayed by other teams and particularly their managers in the last week or so it seems 'spiteful and pernicious even to consider attempting to charge Hammers players or management staff for ANYTHING!

Once again there appear to be TWO sets of rules being invoked, one for the rich and powerful clubs who have always provided 'guest' Villas in places like the Algarve next to the best golf courses to retired officials and another set of rules for clubs that haven't stumped up the extracurricular 'gifts'! Why not do the same as the so called big clubs have done in the past and continue to do to this current day albeit in a far more clandestine but equally effective manner?

Because strangely enough cheating is still seen by many as exactly what it is, irrespective of what form the cheating takes and they are proud NOT to cheat their way to the top or in their attempts at doing so! It may seem like an old fashioned principal in this day and age, but fair play and decency both on and off the field of play is the cornerstone of the 'Corinthian' values that were once spread so successfully around the globe from Britain.

Very little will change, Hammers will be castagated for actually wanting to see fair play and will recdeive some form of sanction from the powers that be, they will probably delay the punishment untl they have had a good few rounds on the Greens! - Ed



Still no talk at all about dick van dykes scuff of the penalty spot!! Even if it didn't affect bowens attempt,is that allowed then now?? It obviously is if klopps darlings are involved

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That the best way to control players and staff is for the officials to do the job they are paid to do....but of course dont hold your breath on many of you like me check to see who the ref is before the line ups?Bankes is a poor ref and he is not alone until drastic action is taken in improving there performances more clubs will be facing charges errr not the bigboys though of course

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How come Clop who was red carded in his previous game against Man Citeh, but then was still allowed to be in the dugout? Two set of rules when players surround the referees if it is Liverpool, Chelsea or Man City. They get away with it!!

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