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High Noon For Zouma News

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 07/02/2022 - 09:58

Fans won't have to wait too long to either be put out of their misery, or breathe a huge sigh of relief regarding Kurt Zouma's availability for tomorrow evening's game against Watford and Sunday's game against Leicester and possibly beyond. The Hammers defensive king pin will undergoing a 'reveal' scan today, with the results and analysis available as early as midday today (Monday 07.02.2022).

Zouma fell victim to the 'unpredictable' surface up at the Aggborough Stadium during Hammers nail biting victory over plucky Kidderminster, he could be clearly seen to have turned his ankle as his foot got caught on the surface and was in some considerable pain but hobbled on for the remaining minutes of extra time because David Moyes had used up ALL the subs in an effort to get the win.

Moyes' initial prognosis of Zouma's injury has come under scrutiny, as it has now been claimed that it is Zouma's 'suspect' knee that has been injured, whereas Moyes had initially suggested it was Zouma's ankle that had been affected. The scan results will quickly show the full extent of the injury, IF it is a turned ankle there is every likelihood 'Zou' could take his place against Watford because the healing technology sing hot and cold variables can 'recover' muscles in 24 Hrs that would normally take up to ONE month to recover from.

On the other hand, IF Zouma HAS injured his troublesome knee, then he can be expected to be out of the fray for at least SIX weeks according to out sports injury advisor. That would all but kiss goodbye to Hammers already tenuous European qualification aspirations, BOTH in the Champions League AND the Europa League.

We have always fought Issa Diop's corner on this site, but even we have reached the point where we CANNOT support his inclusion in the starting line up, he looks to have lost ALL his confidence and looked like a rabbit in the headlights against Kidderminster before being unceremoniously replaced for the 2nd half.

Therefore IF Zouma's injury IS. as bad as we fear, what does Moyes do? He can either move Declan Rice in to the back line or promote one of the youth or U-23's, with Jamal Baptiste being favourite, Baptiste has also been endorsed as a centre back by none other than the Og himself!

Fans won't have long to wait to find out Zouma's fate, all in all it has NOT been a 'good health' few days for West Ham supporters, many are still waiting for their fit-bits to return to normal after nearly being 'KIDDERMONSTERED'! -ED



We have bought a west ham special, loads of talent when and if fit, watching Saturday just proved how flimsy our squad is ,and how ludicrous not buying any backup players, I'm still scratching my head, no forwards we hold our breath after every match ,with Antonio and zouma as it is ...

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Can be thankful that I won't be at the game. Because I'd give him worse than what he done to that cat. If Masuakus treatment from fans over his gobbling are anything to go by I'd buy a nuclear war shelter and stay in it. C**t!

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