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Irons Are Serial Title Killers!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 18/04/2023 - 18:00

Whether it is liked by fans or not, West Ham United have become serious title and major competition serial killers in the Premier League over the last few seasons. Sunday's draw against Premier League leaders Arsenal has severely dented their chances of winning their first major title since Arsene Wenger left AND before!

Over the past few seasons Hammers have dented or destroyed Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and of course Tottingham's various hopes and that pattern COULD but probably won't continue following the run in games with both Manchester Clubs and Liverpool before the end of the season, The Man Utd and Liverpool games are due to be played at the unnamed Stratford Stadium in the closing stages of the season, the other a trip up to the Etihad for a Haaland inflicted battering unless the Lord comes down to intervene!!

Of course Hammers are in the midst of their own battle, but this is for SURVIVAL, not a higher echelon attainment so fans have absolutely NO need to feel smug in anyway whatsoever, at least until there are enough points on the board. Hammers have arguably the toughest run in of ALL the relegation threatened clubs, the only glimmer of hope is that most of the bottom teams have to play each other before the season's end and the outcomes of their games could serve to nullify most of them from shooting up the table, with the possible exception of Bournemouth who the Irons play on Sunday away at the Amex Stadium who have come into a very decent spell of form.

There is the matter of the Europa Conference league 1/4 final to play against Ghent this Thursday ahead of the Bournemouth game so the squad will be stretched to the full, but that is why clubs have big squads who want to feature in European competition on a consistent basis. This season has obviously NOT gone the way anyone envisaged but redemption for fans, players and owners is still available.

Progress to the 'Con Cup' final and Premier League survival would be totally acceptable now, there will be plenty of time for recriminations and accusations at a later date. For now all that fans can do is get behind their club and be the twelfth man, the Stadium WAS rocking on Sunday against the Gooners! Injuries have played their part as usual in addition to the 'complex' integration of a raft of new players who's arrival was made less than seamless by the managers dinosauric management approach which while currently keeping the team up has failed to get ANYWHERE near the best out of the crop of talented players the Board sanctioned the purchase of.

Having killed off the hopes of other teams, it is to be hoped that Dino doesn't kill off Hammers hopes, which are most definitely precariously balanced. - Ed



Leicester & Leeds to play,that should give us 7 points at least imo....probably enough to keep us up,obviously nicking a point or 3 elsewhere would be a great help,play like we did after the first 10 mins of Sunday should produce that....I'm a lot more optimistic after the 8 points from the last 5 games that we will stay up,as for Moyes whatever happens its time for a change for next season imo

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Spuds tumble out of european places Chelski just have ohhh that will be something to savour.....and manure and Bindippers very dodgy at the back so if we start on front foot and press i see us winning one if not both of those games and we owe Manure one for sure

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Could have done without this Conference Cup. Picking the winners will be one of the very difficullt questions on Question of Sport in the years to come. I know Rangers lost last season but I'm buggered if I could tell you who beat them.

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Yesterday to my son & he said some ' celebrity' Westham fan ( his name fails me!!) said somewhere that if there was a choice between relegation or winning this cup he would take the cup!! Obviously not the brightest spark

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We need the forwards to stay fit. Scammaca apart. Big Mics dodgy hamstrings have not been mentioned for a dogs age and have stood up well. Be a shit if I've just put the mockers on that wouldn't it................!!

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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Apparently Mikey was ordered NOT to chase lost causes from the end of last season onwards, it IS noticable that he now goes for balls he CAN reach as opposed to his original gung ho I'll chase anything mode. It does detract from his end product but the plus side is that he IS available for most games albeit in a more 'moderate' role.

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Theres something wrong somewhere ,you'd think with his ability at "hold up" play we would have a lot more goals and i dont think two up front is the answer ,surly the like of Bowen ,Benny and ,or Fornals should be up feeding off him more .

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