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Irons Need Look No Further For CDM-Conor Calling!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 17/08/2021 - 11:07

Hammers recruitment, or lack of it, is a continuing bone of contention among the majority of fans, the need for an additional striker, centre back and central defensive midfielder is as blatant as a tapped call instigated by Daniel Levy! Having been 'linked' with a plethora of players from many different clubs for each 'vacancy' the club have as yet overtly appeared to have done very little as the transfer window closure looms.

Fans used to the traditional Hammers 'transfer window pantomime' are invariably incredibly optimistic to begin with, seduced by promises of 'exotic' players's' arrivals, they always end up extremely disappointed! The 'bilge' that has emanated from the club in the past is embarrassing, fans no longer accept such continued 'propaganda' which is why, paradoxically, the distinct lack of 'genuine' transfer news is palpable and should be greeted with enthusiasm.

The majority of fans, even those who were initially sceptical about David Moyes' reappointment, will acknowledge that despite his tendency to take his time, Moyes is very good in the transfer market. His due diligence has earned him the nickname of 'Divering Dave', but his modus operandi is so much more efficient and ultimately far more successful than the club's previous efforts, which have almost always been overseen by David Sullivan.

Although it is incredibly frustrating for fans to see other teams 'buying players for fun', in Moyes there has to be trust. With the exception of his ill fated Jordan Hugill purchase the first time he was manager, Moyes's signings have been spot on, so having to operate in the light of a chronic cash shortage, his actions should be lauded and not criticised.

That doesn't mean the board should get off scot free, far from it, but in the here and now solving the recruitment issues is far more important than recriminations, they can follow later. David Moyes has already 'let slip' his desire to promote Jamal Baptiste to the match day squad as a potential centre back should an 'experienced' player acquisition not come to fruition, he has also intimated that Conor Coventry is going to stay with the club instead of being sent out on loan.

Some might say "This is penny pinching as a result of having no money" whereas others will say "This is prudent use of the facilities Moyes has available to him", the truth is probably somewhere in between, but being able to call on Baptiste and Coventry is a whole lot better than nothing, throw in Armstrong Okoflex who scored a hat trick last night for the U-23's against Arsenal, the club West Ham took him from and things don't seem so grim.

We haven't even mentioned Thierry Nevers or Mipo Odubeko, both of whom are highly thought of and are also pushing for inclusion with the seniors, obviously there is still an acute need for reinforcements, but cast your mind back to some of the 'fillers from the past', the list would read like a who's who of dismal dross with the odd very rare exception.

Conor not to be sent to Coventry, you betcha! - Ed



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Lets not get too excited, he's not tested at Prem level. He's 21 which by todays standards is old for someone that has not broken into the first team. That said look at Trevoh Chalobah, 22 and just made his Chelsea debut at the weekend after years of being in the academy!

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