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Moyes Pragmatism Spells Relegation

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sun, 28/06/2020 - 11:58

What is the difference between David Moyes and Sam Allardyce? Essentially, wealth, both men have been rewarded well in their football management careers for serving up 'percentage football. Principally viewing the fixture list at the beginning of the season and working out which games were winnable and which were not, then by concentrating on the winnable games they were able to attain the percentage points ration to survive and even thrive.

So generally over seeing 'pragmatic' football has been the cornerstone for both men and has served them well, however pragmatism is a finite resource when it comes to the Barclays Premier League, and David Moyes' attempts at recreating his 'dogs of war' mentality that enshrined his Everton teams will be West Ham United's downfall.

It is understandable that a manager would wish to 'preserve' certain players, especially bearing in mind that the games in July start on the Ist against Chelsea, swiftly followed by Newcastle 5th, Burnley 8th, Norwich 11th, Watford 15th and Manchester Utd on the 18th before the final game against Aston Villa on the 26th. What is the point though in holding players back for fear of injury or burn out when so little time remains?

It may be a pragmatic course of action that has worked in the past, but these are unique times, the players do not have the 12th man urging them on, and many have had no experience of a no holds barred fight to the relegation finish. At least if Moyes gives it a go and the club does still go down fans will have seen some effort, instead there is a distinct possibility that the club will disappear down the tubes without a fight and just a whimper.

The time for playing safe is over, play 4-3-3 put out the best players there are at the club, and not worry if the 'poor little darlings' hurt themselves, chances are half of them will jump ship if the worst happens, so why not get them to earn their vast wages for a few games? Unless we are completely out of touch, we at the Org are of the opinion that most fans would prefer to see the club go down all guns blazing rather than presenting a damp squib in the face of the 'enemy'.

Before anyone says "are but Haller's not fit", so what? Remember Psycho when he broke his leg in the first half of the match between West Ham and Watford, he carried on until half-time and even readied himself for the second half. “He put his boot back on and said ‘I’ll give it a go’,” said manager 'H' Redknapp. If Psycho can try to 'run off' a broken leg, surely all 6'4" of Haller can try to 'run off' a hip injury that somehow managed to transmogrify itself in to a groin injury. Christ sake's there are only seven games remaining! Poor old Alvin Martin used to have a courtesone injection before very match just to get him through, and 'Bonzo' could not play his 800th game because he was told he would lose his big toe, possibly his foot, if he played one more time.

Isn't it time, from the management through to the players, to man up? The time for pragmatism has long gone, every single remaining game is vital, it doesn't matter how you win, just win, and if you can't at least fans will know their team tried their hardest for them, it's the least they deserve! - Ed



Psycho,Alvin + the one & only billy bonds would die for the cause,Haller hasn't been interested since the first few games he played for us!

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Well said 65,these players dont give a toss for the club,and what a East Londoner is all about,they are only here for the money,you only have to look at anderson,no one would buy him,playing like he does,let alone class himself as a premiership player,he wouldnt get picked fo a pub team the way he is now.I would really like to know the true feelings of Bondzo and Sir Trev about these players we have.

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Wow the team is a pale comparison to the fan base. I'd gladly sacrifice a foot to save West ham's bacon at this stage!

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I used to lambast Fredrique Ping e pong and his glove wearing antics. But Haller has reached a new level of disinterest. As I've said before, I've seen more life in one of my dogs sun baked Garden Turds.....

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The whole season apart from the first few games has been pretty awful with not just Anderson giving up followed quickly by Haller. Moyes tactics have not helped either and why the Board let Nolan back as a coach is beyond me. Long ball and silly Nolan tactics of crowding the keeper at corners which nearly always ends up as a foul is not the way to play football and survive relegation. The players did not look interested in the Wolves loss and only a little better in the Spurs game. A win or at draw at Newcastle will see a chance of survival (forget the Chelsea match). So fingers crossed for me we start to play soon and hopefully we will avoid the drop

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