Nathan's Back Now For Grady

Promising Hammers youngster Nathan Holland will NOT be returning to Oxford United even if their season restarts, Holland picked up an injury that curtailed his involvement with the club, however he left a deep impression on their fans and manager Karl Robinson who said
“It’s a real shame because the longer this has gone on there was always a chance that when we do play again Nathan might have been ready. It’s not a financial decision but we like to do things right for players here: West Ham were great and we talked honestly about the situation and the injury. We could have kept him hanging on and Nathan then maybe rushing back in his eagerness to play but he is an outstanding prospect and for his long term development then returning to West Ham is the right thing. “I know he enjoyed his time with us and you never know in football, we may see him in an Oxford shirt again some time, but for now we thank his for his efforts and we wish him well.”

How refreshing to see a club that helped one of the Irons youngsters along in their career but also had an eye on the bigger picture, a mutually beneficial situation for both clubs and long may it continue. Now all David Moyes has to do is to ensure that Grady Diangana returns to the club 'full of beans' and that he doesn't suffer a 'Baggies Hangover' or Billic withdrawal, after all Grady was a big fish in a small pond up at West Brom, the situation might slightly 'ruffle' him as he finds he is no longer 'top of the tree' at the London Stadium.

If by any chance West Ham were to be relegated and West Bromwich Albion were promoted talk of a full time transfer might appear again with a 20 Million price tag being mooted, however there is still so much for Hammers to play for in the remaining games talk of relegation has been banished, at least for now!

David Moyes has repeatedly stated his desire to build a team of young, hungry players, who have a desire to become part of something special, he is not perfect as a manager by any means, but he does possess the ability to work on a shoe string and 'polish turds' if you will pardon the expression. Privately he must be seething at the vast amount of money lavished on his predecessor Manuel Pellegrini, leaving him only with peanuts to reshape the team, but as he knows he is indeed fortunate to be at West Ham United when there is another fine crop of youngsters coming through, not since the nineties has the club had such a fine bunch of young lads rising through the ranks.

It is not only the resurgent youth that give Moyes reasons to be cheerful, he also has his not so secret weapon, in the form of Jarred Bowen, who is destined to do great things for the club, and who in just a couple of games managed to bring a smile to Sebastian Haller's face the first time for a very long time, it is hoped that the pair will continue to strike up a successful relationship in front of goal.

It should also be remembered that Bowen, Diangana and Holland are all England stars of the future and their values are only going one way, and that is up! If you add those three to Declan Rice, then there is a real possibility of the Irons providing a 'significant' amount of players for the Gareth Southgate's England team, over the years West Ham have provided so many top players for their countries and it seems that those times are returning, which can't be a bad thing can it? - Ed



Sooner he gets back the better imo

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