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New Kit For New League?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 29/06/2020 - 11:16

West Ham United have revealed the new kit celebrating 125 years of it's existence for next season.
The kit can be pre-ordered now or will be available from July the 15th. The retro style kit will be available the same day the team play fellow relegation candidates Watford FC, and although it is a 'home' fixture that would not normally be attended in this far from normal' season, there were genuine fears that due to the match being played at the 'unusual' time of 3PM that significant numbers of fans might turn up to 'support' their team at the same time as picking up their items from the club shop.

These fears seemed to have been slightly alleviated by the advanced weather forecast which predicted inclement weather for the week beginning the 12th, however it now transpires that there is going to be another 'mini' heatwave starting that week. By the time of the Watford match Hammers final destination may already have been decided, with the only remaining fixtures being away to Manchester United for the penultimate game on the 18th, and the final game at home to Aston Villa on the 26th.

There is a distinct possibility, depending on other team's successes or failures, that those queuing for their merchandise while the Watford game is being played may enter the store buying a Barclays Premier League shirt, but emerge in possession of a Championship shirt, such are the fine lines at the bottom of the League, in the dark and doomy waters of the relegation zone.

Cynics might suggest the reason for the new kit's availability before the end of project restart is purely a marketing ploy in order to ensure fans buy the product before the fate of the club is known, others might say the new season's kit is normally available at this time of year and it's availability was originally due to 'catching' the summer market before people go off on their holidays.

Generally Championship kits are around 25% cheaper than those of the Barclays Premier League, so maybe fans might feel duped, but that is nothing in comparison with how duped they might possibly feel when the season ticket situation finally rears it's ugly head, would you pay to possibly attend 3-5 games at the most?

Until the club's ultimate destination is decided, we are of the opinion that new kit sales as well as season ticket sales will be in new territory, it is to be hoped that the new territory includes the Barclays Premier League in the club's guise moving forward. - Ed



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Yes shame it's not still 125 years at the Boleyn with proper heritage not some athletics track...

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