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Player Search-Fruition 9 Days And Then Some!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 05/06/2024 - 12:15

Hammers director of football has been racking up his air miles in his ceaseless quest to bring new manager Julen Lopetegui the transfer targets he has requested, the problem for Tim Steidten is that most teams don't want to play ball BEFORE the various transfer windows open.

Clubs selling their prized assets are naturally going to hold out for top dollar in a pre-contrived game of brinkmanship until one of the parties involved blinks! Only clubs with HUGE transfer kitties can just steam in and blow the opposition out of the water, not only that but potential signings also want the lure of 'elite' competitions like the Champions League when choosing clubs, so there is a very difficult balancing act for a 'mid range' club like West Ham to negotiate.

The club is unable to offer European competition for the first time in four years and does NOT have a massive transfer budget, it does however have a huge fan base and despite their Stadium not being fully fit for purpose, it does look impressive on first viewing.

Fans expecting a sudden surge up the table in an all conquering swashbuckling fashion will be sadly disappointed, this coming season will be one of consolidation as the new manager and his director of football look to redress the 'criminal' imbalance of an ageing squad that needs a TOTAL overhaul and these things take time!

The first step will be to get a few bodies through the door which, according to a news hungry media, the club have failed to do spectacularly to do! The fact hat the first of the transfer windows doesn't open for another NINE days seems to have been completely ignored, furthermore as the majority of Hammers new signings will NOT be from the domestic market fans will have to wait until the 1st of July for player arrivals!

Patience is always in short supply among fans, but the sooner they accept the reality of the situation the sooner they will stop chasing 'click bait' nonsense dreamt up by column hungry writers! - Ed



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I suspect the Euros will play a part in this also. Players in camp etc. No doubt the Euros will throw up a few surprises, as players ultimately put themselves in the shop window!!

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

I had to read this article twice. You can’t really be a football fan Neville, you’re too reasoned. Where is the immediate hot take, where is the irrational outrage, where is the misplaced blame for misunderstood failings? It’s almost as if you took 5 minutes and thought about the reality of the situation.
I like it. This is now my go-to site for sensible articles. Keep up the thoughtful work.

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Do not go together well but with little going on but pure speculation and rumour it is unsurprising that fans get a little hyped up and feel hard done by on players they have never heard of coming then rejecting us in the same breath. Of course we all no it is nonsense for the very reasons you make but for now over hyped stories are all fans have to rely on and like any addiction you need to feed it becomes very much a reality

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That's the problem with the demand for instant news and every moron with a mic and a phone. it has destroyed what used to be an interesting period in-between football seasons.
At least it's only 90 days and there's a international tournament with history to indulge in. As for the comings and goings we're notoriously late to the party so it's of little interest to me until the season is maybe 2 weeks away.

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Now steinden is in charge of recruitment he wants to get off early to sus out who really wants to actually come to west ham.We are not in europe now so that will have a big bearing who we can attract plus no one really seems to know what the actual budget is now as Paqueta has thrown a spanner in the works who are we really going to try and sell,we need at least 8 new signings and some need to be english for quota.So steinden really has his work cut out he has a lot going against him as i've just pointed out but i'm sure in the end he will pull a few rabbits out of the hat in the end otherwise his reputation is on the line so i'm sure he has many plans A,B,C,D, a few more than dithering dave had he was the main reason we lost a lot of players last time and shot himself in the foot big time by not getting a striker in and persisting with philips say no more his time had run out has left a very large ageing group of players for Lopi to sort out?

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In the days of A.I you cant always believe what you see its a bit like scoring a goal but being frightened to celebrate until its confirmed by VAR But here we go! I have Just seen a picture of Guilherme flying back from Brazil with Tim Steidtden on his private Jet to sign papers and to have his medical Hope its true!

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