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Pleased To Michu

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 13/08/2015 - 17:45

With their efforts to sign a striker failing to materialise, and Enner Valencia being unavailable for at least three months, the West Ham board are believed to have adopted a plan 'b' approach, and are now looking at 'cover' strikers instead of one marquee signing. Mindful of the all your eggs in one basket big risk strategy, it appears that the club have turned their attention to Swansea's unwanted striker Michu. At one point in time his value had risen to £20 Million, he scored 22 goals in his first season, but an ankle injury and a serious falling out with Swansea manager gary Monk saw him eventually sent out on loan to Napoli, where he only made seven appearances. We reported Hammers' testing the water for a deal a long while ago, however Labrokes have suddenly taken a big interest as a result of some keen betting within the last 24 Hrs which leads them to believe that Michu could be Boleyn bound. He is another player that comes with a pile of baggage needed to fit his ego, but Slaven Billic could be the man to get him firing on all cylinders again, and depending on the number crunching he could definitely be worth a punt! - Ed



A little bit of Dejavu here when we went chasing 4 strikers, tried to get one on the cheap and lost out to all of them in January this year. David Sullivan might think he can wheeler deal but lets hope he does not cock it up again!!! and we are left with Old King Cole being signed yet again!!! He is training with us now trying to lose yet another stone and keep fit in the hope we do just that as guess what? no one wants him!

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A D Bonds

Just seen that Adebeyor is looking for a move to West Ham after stalling on AV move. I hope this goes the way of Barton...and please, NO COLE again...that would be a bad move in so many ways...!

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He was a class act in especially in his first season at Swansea (20 in 52 games ),and the team he played for previous to them, Vallecano (15 in 37 games) .He is only 29,hardly past it,maybe Bilic can resurrect his career,worth a punt if the deal is reasonable.Plays striker and attacking midfielder so he is versatile,a player that may slot in well to Bilic's formations.Relying on Cole, yet again, as back up doesn't look good,the club have already got rid of him twice .Cole is still good enough to make an impression for some team in the championship,can't understand why a team hasn't signed him up.

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Now there are rumours they have 12 strikers on their list! What's with this scatter-gun approach? Possible we would spend £30 million on one player they said... talk is cheap...

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