Pump Up The Volume-But Not Smith!

Broadcasters have been asked to increase sound levels for this evening's match between West Ham United and Watford FC at the London Stadium, it is felt that a game of such importance warrants additional crowd noise as the encounter would have provoked 'intense' verbality had it been held in front of a 60,000 crowd as it would have been pre covid-19.

Although the 'atmospheric' volume can be a bit of a 'marmite' experience, one element that a huge amount of Hammers fans are interested in is who are the match commentators going to be? Surely they CANNOT use the ultimatley biased, Hammers hating and deeply jealous of what players own now, Alan Smith can they?

Smith's contempt for West Ham United is based on a failed transfer that he was a make weight in, ultimatley the deal fell through and he was left out of contract and out of pocket, hence his attitude. Fair enough, footballers are human after all, but why would broadcasters inflict his particularly vitriolic assessment of the Irons on the very people who are paying to watch the match? It makes no sense, maybe Watford suporters will appreciate Smith's comments, IF the Broadcasters are foolish enough to persist in using his unique 'talent', about their opponents for the evening, but we have a feeling his whining tones grate with most listeners apart from a hard core of gooners living in the past!

We understand broadcasters are loathe to have supporters or ex players of particiapating teams commentating on the game, a jingoistic blatherer can be excrutiating, especially for the neutral or the less represented club. However using a 'proper' commentator who has no particular allegiance to either of the teams playing is absolutely fine, it adds to the occasion, but to use a sad old ex-pro with his own comprehensive agenda serves to detract from what should be as an inclusive experience, not an excuse to be miserable! - Ed


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