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QPR Sterling Windfall Enables Hard Ball Negotiations For Austin's Sale

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 15/07/2015 - 17:21

Raheem Sterling's transfer from Liverpool to Manchester City will net QPR around £9 Million as a result of the 20% sell on fee that was negotiated at the time of his transfer from the west London club to Anfield. This massive cash bonus will enable QPR to maintain their stance over Austin's £15 Million valuation, not good news for those clubs, including West Ham, who were hoping to take advantage of QPR's relegation and financial plight. Apparently hammers, David Sullivan in particular, were really interested in trying to do a deal for the in demand striker, but this latest development will see 'other options' pursued. West Ham simply cannot afford to be involved in any bidding war, especially as the seller now holds all the aces! -Ed



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While admitting my utter Ignorance of all matters financial, I was kinda looking at this the other way: as QPR are now "cash rich" might they not be looking more for a player/money deal? Picking up say, Nolan and Jarvis plus a lump sum for Austin?? Or am I, as I suspect, a moron when it comes to these things? :-)

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Just a thought if Qpr do play hard ball and not cash in,as they said if no one meets his so -called valuation he stays put,and he even wants it dropped himself i heard to get away,it might just go tits up for em if he's unhappy and his head drops, psychological affect comes in to play and he ain't half the player as last season ,also his england call up may suffer that will be running through his mind,that will see their valuation of him plummet

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Yes and bet your life he will be holding it a little higher up next season, whilst running around......

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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Cant see us holding on to Song and getting Charlie Austin as well, Daily Express reckons that Chelsea, Liverpool And Leicester are all intrested and even Jarvis and Transfer fee, will leave us stretched for cash although if anybody can pull it off D&S+Brady could do it be great though, we could really go far into Europe barring injuries of course Providing we don't loose sight of the premiership.

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