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Randolph Riddle

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 12/01/2022 - 18:20

Darren Randolph was wanted ON LOAN by Steven Gerrard as his back up keeper at Aston Villa for the rest of the season, however David Moyes has apparently pulled the plug on any potential deal, now why is that? Randolph hasn't started a single game in any competition and on paper has very little chance of doing so in the future, Alphonse Areola is Lukasz Fabianski's heir apparent, so the best Randolph can hope for is to be the number two keeper next season, or the season after, if Fabianski has 'secretly' signed a new contract as has been rumoured.

Hammers have David Martin as their 'training' goalkeeper and have recently recalled Joseph Anang from his loan spell, so retaining Randolph is rather a strange one considering there was an ongoing offer. Perhaps Moyes is mindful of a Villa resurgence and doesn't want to help them in any way due to some past 'indiscretion' committed by Gerrard while he was playing for Liverpool?

We cannot see how having Randolph on their books would catapult Villa up the Premier League table, but if Moyes doesn't want to let Randolph go the so be it, it is the manager's prerogative, it still seems strange though unless there is another interested party about to be involved. - Ed


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