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Rashford Talk Load Of Rot

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 08/03/2022 - 18:04

Sometimes you have to chuckle at 'transfer coup' articles, whether it is at those who wrote them or those who are stupid enough to believe them. The latest click bait Rashford to West Ham stories are more than stories, much more they are indeed works of fine fiction.

Let us examine the essential elements of a 'good read', bearing in mind most Journo's would sell their Grandmothers at the drop of a hat and are genetically born as compulsive liars who would most definitely NOT let the truth get in the way of a 'good story'.

Firstly, a player who will be valued at in excess of £75 Million with one year remaining on his current contract, one which can be extended by the selling club for an additional year is dream territory for a club like West Ham. Paying anywhere near that player's STAGGERING £375,000 per week wages would be no dream it would be a nightmare.

Does ANYONE in their right mind think Rashford is a realistic transfer option for the club? Even those sultans of spin, the Hammers hierarchy, would think it was pushing it a bit to try and convince fans of their interest in a player who is SO far out of the club's reach he is in a different Ionosphere!

Apparently Rashrord's best mate Jesse Lingard has been 'bigging up' life at the Stratford Stadium, so why didn't you go back Jesse? Was it the money? No it was your determination to prove yourself at 'your club' which ultimately prevented your return. Perhaps Lingard sees promoting his friends move to London only as a 'bit of harmless fun', after all Hammers recent transfer activity has been a massive joke hasn't it?

Maybe it is because The Toon's own Joan Rivers look alike has been attempting to splash the cash in so many destinations that prices are going all 'domestic gas like'. Players have seen their value doubled and heard of 'dream like' wages on offer.

Clubs can just think of a number and double it now, meaning Hammers new found wealth acquired from Mr Kretin in the Sky has amounted to little more than a book balancer, as most was used to offset losses and the remainder now seems paltry given Newcastle's desire to blow everyone else out of the water with their ludicrous offers.

Rashford to West Ham? Don't talk rot!- Ed


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