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Seat Police? Try A Manager Change!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 29/03/2024 - 10:08

News that the powers that be are 'investigating' the vast tracts of empty seats at the un yet named Stadium where West Ham play their football will come as no surprise to many season ticket holders.

On the one hand supporters are able to obtain the cheapest season tickets for a London Club by a country mile, whereas on the other, the fayre on offer is not very appetising!

Yes, on paper the club has done astonishingly well over the last three or four years, but as we all know football is played on grass not paper! Playing in Europe three years on the spin is a massive achievement for a 'mid table team' that is more used to yo yoing between divisions rather than mixing it with Europe's elite, albeit in the 2nd and 3rd tier.

The problem is domestically what is on offer is drab, boring one dimensional play that harks back to the nineteen fifties! The current manager is always keen to point out that he wins matches, AND he does.

Unfortunately, the turgid style he utilises to get results has seen a mass fans exodus, hence the club looking to 'enforce' attendance! This draconian approach might achieve results attendance wise, although it might mean a host of 'original' season ticket holders jumping ship.

Apparently there are a large number of supporters who don't want to attend games, well why not list their tickets on ticket exchange? The problem with that resolution is that fans don't want to buy spare tickets for 'low catergory' games and therefore there is no demand for the excess tickets.

The answer is surely plain and simple, give fans exciting football and they will turn up in their droves, give them 'Moyesball' and they won't. Getting rid of Moyes might well see the club dropping down the table, but it would be a hell of a ride should an 'exciting' manager take over! -Ed



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Now THAT would be a helluva ride.
PS. They need to change the colour of the seats.Those white ones really stand out as empty

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Been to many championship games at The Boleyn in a full house playing much better football than what is being served up in this Premier division

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My clearest memory was our last home game before relegation in the 70's, full house (was Liverpool I think) crowd sing "dont go Trevor, dont go Trevor" then weeks later at home to Notts County... 25K. Get there at 14.55 might get a seat, get there at 14.45 with your boots... Might get a game!!! :o)

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He's a complete bread basket, failed previously in management. Had no regard or respect for Managers as a player, emotional wreak. That said.......... What a footballer!!!

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I guess this is aimed at me and many others. Although in Australia I have kept my season ticket mainly because I will return and didnt fancy going onto a long queue for a ticket and still want to be beside brother, friends and now what feels like family in block 227. While away I give the ticket to family and set up a WhatsApp group for fellow Hammers to make use of the ticket. Surprisingly, or maybe no surprise, the ticket doesn't always get used including the coming A grade fixture against Spudz, typical reasoning being a midweek game, late night, probably get battered but more likely the tripe we have witnessed called Moyesball! For the record I have tried to "sell" on Transfer but never got the money, no idea if the ticket / seat was used.

The other news being carefully released by the halfwits on the board who think they can copy Spudz in how they treat their "clients" withdrawing the Concession category. We already see this in the expensive seats and it will spread to other categories. Now this really is personally annoying as I will be 65 this year, first announced was that the concession moved from 65 to 66, as per State Pension, If you have a Concessionary ticket now you will not be effected... only new or full paying folk are in the firing line.

Not sure whether to believe or not. Its a fact that the board use individuals and fansites to gauge an opinion. One thing for sure... They will get it wrong and better build a bloody great moat between them and the disgruntled fans at the BoM!

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