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Stick Or Twist-But When?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 13/11/2023 - 21:43

Sunday's game resulted in three VERY needed points, but for different reasons. For West Ham as a team the points were essential in order to go into yet another pointless International break in the top half of the table, for West Ham as a club it threw up another conundrum, namely what to do with a 'problem' like Moyesauro?

The points earned form the narrow victory over Forest and the win against Olympiakos on Thursday virtually guaranteed David Moyes' managerial tenure at the club until the end of the season! Realistically it was always going to be this way, majority shareholder David Sullivan is ALWAYS reluctant to 'pull the trigger' on managers who are in situ, some say it is because of the compensation pay outs required, which is a bit harsh because it is probably a little of that but more the fact that he is actually quite LOYAL to the person he has entrusted the club's playing fortunes in the hands of.

It is pretty much a given that Moyes will NOT be offered a new contract nor an extension to his existing one at the end of the season, his reluctance to accept anyway other than his way has seemingly come home to roost. His widely reported 'spat' with Tim Steidten who was directly appointed by Sullivan was the final nail in the coffin for Moyes.

He hopefully will be remembered for being the manager who brought much needed stability to the club and by avoiding relegation twice when it seemed the club could actually go down, he of course also navigated the winning of the club's first major trophy in over 50 years AND got the club into Europe THREE years on the spin!

This achievement, as Moyes himself admitted, was the highpoint of his long career and one that he is incredibly proud of, but this was his zenith, the azimuth of his progress which can only be followed with a slow but steady decline. Can Hammers afford to be the platform for his eventual fall from grace?

The answer is obviously NO, but fans hoping for an early managerial change will be disappointed to hear that Steidten was overheard stating that new managerial targets WERE being investigated and that it IS part of his remit to seek out Moyes' replacement.

The fact that Steidten was spotted chatting to a certain Mr Will Still started a raft of speculation, but Self is not the only name on Tim's list, far from it! However, if you were a betting person you may wish to have a punt on Still becoming the next Iron's manager. - Ed



I've come to the realisation that all managers are crap. No one does or is able to do a Fergie n reinvent their teams every few seasons. They are all glorified ego pleasers who when the players fall out with them get the boot. Pep being a tactical master is baloney. He's just a player buyer. Even likes of youth gems he plays are so good it's nothing to do with his managing. Basically I think u shud let people run the club n not bother with a manager. Just do oldstyle and appoint a player to be in charge on pitch.

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Begs the question Nev who is in charge of the January transfer window? if as we think and say Moyes time is up next summer why would you leave him in charge of a transfer kitty? and if it is Steidten who will take control of transfers in January will Moyes then do his usual and just ignore the player/s as none were his choice.....A mess about to happen methinks and how long after the season ends do West Hams board drag out the potential successor to Moyes.....track record suggests end of the summer transfer window!

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I've come to the conclusion 99% of Managers are all recycled rejects from somewhere else. Pep being the exception. You cant re-invent the wheel, but you can give it a refurb, which will only last as long as nobody kerbs it again.

Maybe Ze German will start looking at other Ze Germans. Like Thomas Tinkle for instance. Who knows? I certainly don't.

Picture the scene, Ze Germans in Ze Managers office drinking good old English tea!!!

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