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West Ham United v FC.Astra Giurgiu Team Sheets

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 30/07/2015 - 19:03

West Ham United: Adrian, Cresswell, Kouyate, Zarate, Noble (c), O'Brien, Collins, Ogbonna, Payet, Valencia, Oxford
Subs: Spiegel, Nolan, Jarvis, Maiga, Poyet, Burke, Samuelsen

Astra: Lung, Alves, Seto, Enache, Budescu, Morais, Boldrin, Gaman, Teixeira, Quieros, De Amorim
Subs: Gavrilas, Florea, Oros, Lovin, Dandea, Alves, Stan



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not getting too carried away but this is more like it - watching the text commentary and we are on top. Payet again the Master

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We were saying we needed another right back and another striker... well now we DEFINITELY do. Joey's injury might be a hamstring and somebody reckoned Enner was in tears... sound very bad :-((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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he'd listened to himself in today's paper !!!!

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our total inability to make things easy for ourselves. Why is anyone surprised ?? Happened time after time last season.

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It seems we are unlucky to have sub standard refs in these qualifying stages. It may even lead to our downfall tonight!! I hope not,

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A D Bonds

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goal. THAT'S what else can go wrong !!!!!!!!!!!

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embarrassing and very worrying :o(

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Gutted, UEFA need to address these sub standard refs, we need to get to grips with discipline and I can only pray that Sakho and co are all fit for next week because we are in for a rough ride over there!

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Refs are abysmal. Last week there player tried grabbing tomkins by the throat and did nothing so tomkins reacted. All the opposition going down like there shot aswell. Like last game aswell red card was followed by a tackle by the opposition that shouldve been a stonewall red card

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With Sakho back in the lineup, I imagine that he would be the striker and Zarate would take Valencia 's spot. Shame about Valencia. I imagine that Jenkinson should be back in the lineup and playing the full ninety minutes as he is not eligible to play against Arsenal. Obiang may replace Oxford and Reid could be back as a Centre half. This should be a stronger squad. Hopefully Arsenal have problems of their own in the Charity Shield.

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