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Where Will He Hang His Hat?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Wed, 15/06/2022 - 19:59

West Ham co-owner David Sullivan is most definitely NOT everyone's cup of tea, everything about him is relatively creepy, but he is a GOOD business man, generally! But speaking of General(l)y his propensity for wearing Russian head gear clearly has to stop if it hasn't done so already, the fact that the Hammers current supremo is lining up a Putin like take over of his former 'territory' of Birmingham by installing a puppet owner is clearly indicative of how he sees 'projects of enhancement', never aggressive take overs!

For many Hammers fans the sooner Sully sells up to the 'Kretin in the Sky' in order for the Czech Sphinx to take complete control for the club the better, but as we all know the expression of 'be careful what you wish' has special connotations in the topsy-turvy world of football.

Who is to say that Kretinsky won't asset strip the club and do 'a Bolton'? Or a Blackburn? Or any other club whose's fans looked only at imagery and heard only what they wanted to hear, all of them learned a very painful lesson. It happened with the Biscuit Barons, who were then replaced by the Porn Twins, but at least they didn't come from pariah states that cut up Journo's and stone gays as well as adulteresses!

It has been stated that Sullivan is ONLY going to bank roll £30 Million, about the same amount of money that was required to get a striker and a centre back in during the January window! If and when the Birmingham deal goes tits up, Sully WILL be able to take the club over because it will neatly dove tail to the 2023 cut off point whereby Sullivan and Gold DON'T have to pay money back to the Government from profits of selling the club during the club's tenure. The man Sully is backing incidentally is, Laurence Bassini who has been made bankrupt multiple times and has been involved in controversies surrounding the ownership at Watford, Charlton and Bolton.

Birmingham, Tits up, and Sullivan, a match made in heaven! - LN



Why Sullivan would get involved with Brum again,I mean he's such a massive Westham fanatic!!!

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I don't know why he bothers at all. He clearly has no idea how to run a football club and if anything his ownership has been exposed by the financial requirements of owning one. Despite being wealthy he's as tight as a duck's arse and can't take a club forward. Give up, disappear and don't "grace" football again

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