Which 'West Ham Way' Will Turn Up Against Villa?

There has been much written and said about the 'West Ham Way', particularly in Old Sour Puss' Book, and also by the current Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce from his time at the Boleyn. Generally the public perception is of a mythical Claret&Blue haze that descends on whole groups of people, particularly men of a certain age and seduces them in to thinking what they are seeing and experiencing is special and unique. To many the West Ham way is an illusion that has been perpetuated and manipulated for financial benefit by the current owners, so what is the West Ham way? Valiant victories followed by crushing defeat? A conveyor belt for providing talent that then gets sold on for a fraction of its worth? Or maybe a team and club that teases, cajoles, and frustrates in equal measure, but one that occasionally lifts the spirits to such heights that are rarely reached within a sporting environment?
Over the years supporting West Ham United has been a hard graft, while other teams pushed forward the fiscal restraints and self inflicted issues at the club ensured perennial anxiety, matched by a yo yo like tendency to get relegated, sell off the best talent and then get promoted etc. An endless cycle of despair! The usual manifestation of the 'West Ham Way' would be beautiful performances, and rubbish results apart from the odd spectacular cup match, Hammers would always flatter to deceive, promising much but delivering very little consistently.
This evening's game against relegation threatened Aston Villa is a classic banana skin in waiting for Slaven Billic and his team, in the past teams in a similar predicament to Villa would arrive at the Boleyn and promptly turn the home side over, not enough grit, not enough desire and not enough luck! Billic is like one of those characters in war movies that his troops knew would never even get scratched let alone killed, he is the sort of person who makes their own luck, his influence and unwillingness to accept defeat before a game has started to spread to his players. They have no fear, the squad is full of good players, some great even! So this evenings match should hopefully show West Ham in a new light and how far the club has progressed, traditionally Villa would have none of the play and then nick it in the dying seconds, perhaps Billic and his boys can help dispel the myth that Hammers teams get nose bleeds when they scale the heights and always blow it when things are just beginning to look up?
Which West Ham way will turn up against Villa? - Ed



Yep nev that's the West Ham as I recall it.

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This squad is even better than the Boys of 86. I fancy a healthy 4-0 thumping of a very depressed and weakened Aston Villa.

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and Iam looking forward to a good game and a win. COYI

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I said the same on here the other day too, looking forward to a win tonight at the battle of tge Clarets! COYI!

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"a team and club that teases, cajoles, and frustrates in equal measure, but one that occasionally lifts the spirits to such heights that are rarely reached within a sporting environment," that describes West Ham of the last 10-15 years, a long time in anybody's book. I really hope that you are right that we've turned a page in that book. The next couple of matches, and the cup replay, will tell the story. I'm prepared for the usual, but hopeful that a new chapter is finally here.

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3 points tonight please lads....COYI!

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Come on West Ham please don't do a West Ham,2.O Mighty hammers!

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