Who Put LSD In The Tea At ITV?

Some mischievous person must have been at the halftime refreshments over at the ITV broadcasting hub at Wembley for England's game against Bulgaria.

LSD in the tea can be the only explanation for the mass hallucinations experienced by Roy Keane and Ian Wright. Why else would they have both criticised Declan Rice's performance to the extent that they did?

Admittedly Rice had a quiet first half and a more active 2nd half, but he did exactly what he was supposed to do, a fact that is born out by his impressive match statistics.

Moody Roy just resents every modern day player because they earn so much money, but Ian Wright should know better.

Shame on them, they should be nurturing young talent, they have no defence for their actions unless it was the LSD of course! - Ed



As a pundit for an England game,is like Alan Shearer inviting Michael owen over for tea!!;)

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I just find the whole England thing,one big yawn,club football is where it is at now for me.

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I agree with that essex ,the 2 week break aseems more like a month its such a relief when we get back to normality

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