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Leicester champions of the Premier league

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Submitted by albyforeverirons. on Mon, 02/05/2016 - 22:14

Not nasty but what a great result this morning, Chelsea drawing with Spurs and giving the title to Ranieri's boys. A spiteful match at the end with a lot of fouls and a scuffle on the way of the field which should be looked at by the FA as should some incidents but it's a fantastic result for the game which shows that other teams can dream of their own title chances at the title. It goes to show that if you have the right players not the most expensive players that you can do it. Congratulations to Leicester City. Now we need to focus on our last games and go on to Europe .

This venomous spectical did nothing to re kindle my flaggin belief in the premier lg and in football in general ,i must confess to having a financial interest in a spurs win but the level to which they sunk when they new everything was lost was a disgrace but to me what sticks in the throat more was the likes of known thugs like Terry and Costa preaching righteous indignation was hard to stomach, the level of unadulterated hatred on show tonight was palpable

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Burkie 1

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Best that's the lsat time the bookies put a team at 5000-1 to win the league title. Congratulations to Leicester. As the saying goes, the table never lies and they have pulled off the unimaginable.
As for the Chelsea v Spuds game, scum v scum and didn't surprise me one bit that Clattenburg showed something like 11 yellow cards!! Only surprised he didn't send anyone off. Makes you think doesn't it. Pillock.

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