West Ham United v Manchester United

Injury crisis, what crisis? Hammers are bereft of almost half the first team for this vital fixture against cash rich Manchester United. Financial fair play doesn't seem to have quite kicked in yet does it? The haves and the have nots of football just get further apart, and the very ruling that was supposed to level the playing field has actually served to broaden the gulf in wealth.
The reality of not being a super rich club is at this time of year how many quality players are on the bench of today's protagonists? Teams that dare to rock the boat are invariably caught out during and after the transfer window, and such is the case for West Ham. Players have been let go or moved on who, with the benefit of hindsight ,might have served a greater purpose for the club had their services been retained.
Team Sheets to follow as usual. -Ed



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Like an old woman

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with saggy ankles?

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Kids on this site.....jeez....:-)

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Hope there's a will and away today COYI

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So long as there's not an away win I'll be happy. COYI

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