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"3" the magic number?

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Submitted by plaistow-man on Sun, 26/04/2015 - 11:17

"3" a significant number in Hammers history and I will start at the end.. Adrian the first EPL keeper to save 3 consecutive penalties (v Spurs, Leicester and now QPR) , Bobby Moore the first Captain to lift 3 trophies at Wembley in consecutive seasons (FA Cup '64, ECWC, '65 and WC in '66), 3 Hammers players featured in the WC final) Sir Geoff the first and to date only player to hit a hat-trick in a WC Final! The Hammers in that '64 cup run scored 3 goals in every victory in every round (inc the Final v Preston) , The Hammers have won 3 FA Cups (and an "old" second division club were involved in all 3), Alvin Martin scored a hat-trick on April 21st 1986 against 3 different keepers v Newcastle! That season we reached our highest league position "3rd" we have appeared in 3 play off finals, this is our 3rd season back in the top flight since our last relegation. At least 3 more wins to the end of the season (please!) would be nice.

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we can add that 3 will be significant in just over a years time we will be playing in Londons 3rd largest stadium after Wembley and the Emirates.

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na mate, thank guad , only avin a larf , mind you, you do get three square meals a day , with my luck i'd end up being someones bitch

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Burkie 1

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Guaranteed a good larf with you around burkie!

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Now don't laugh all you younger fans! but my allotment number is 3.
I grow very good fruit & veggies :-)

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A D Bonds

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Good for the team, harsh on Bondsy's veggies. You can just imagine, he'll be leaving them in the ground until they're past it and refuse to put any new ones in cos the old ones are still alive (barely)

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