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7 million for fletcher, good deal or not?

Submitted by Red Neck Iron on Wed, 26/07/2017 - 21:55

Just been reported that we have accepted a 7 million bid from boro for Ashley fletcher. My initial reaction was good deal. Then I thought which would be regarded as the better deal 7 mill for fletcher, 7 mill for sakho or 7 mill for Carroll. Fletcher would mean we got a bloody good price back on a player that has showed next to nothing upfront as a striker altho he hasn't had loads of opportunities. Sakho our best striker hardly ever plays but looks a perfect fit and paid very little in striker terms and currently looking fit enough to feature in our 1st match of the season.or Carroll, scores goals when fit but isn't fit anywhere near enough doesn't look after himself and gets between 80 and 100 k a week.

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But if we just sell Fletcher and don't do further business, then not a good deal. Carroll, when fit, is way better than Fletcher, and so is Sakho, so I don't think I'd sell either of them as a way to keep Fletcher on the books. Besides, we probably couldn't sell either of them anyway. I'm still hoping that Sakho sees his opportunity right now and that he can stay healthy -- that would be very good for us. Holding out hope that this might happen. Carroll will appear in a few matches here and there; probably win us 3-6 points (because he's a maniac when he plays), and while it won't be worth his salary, all things considered I don't think Fletcher would do that much for us. Dembele, if we're serious about him, would be a great addition, and I'd sacrifice Fletcher to bring in Dembele without blinking. But are we actually serious about him?

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Without doubt if we sell fletch we need all that money invested towards a player. Maybe we should insist on a buy back or sell on clause on any youngster we sell? I think there is some emphasis on a youth plan, not exactly sure what it is tho. Even this season we have bought that kid from Ajax, Holland last season, quina etc. trouble is we don't seem to develop anyone anymore. I'm pretty confident one or 2 could feature in a year or 2 under the right plan but once hear there doesn't seem to be any contingency plan. So they stagnate.

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i would sell him...nothing against him but he has a lot of maturing to do as a player and £7million is a very good deal for a lad who will do well in the championship...they keep looking at this jota guy from brentford who at 26 is a grown man physically and mentally(ok ok i no you boys never grow up:-)) and would add a little of the unknown to our frontline.

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7 Million for Fletcher is a good bargain, waiting for Carroll deals and investing that money for Gray would be a good move.

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Yes 7 mill is madness as he has yet to prove himself at any first team level and IMO has yet to show any potential since joining West Ham. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he turned out to be less than an average bottom half of the championship player. I can only assume he was bought for 2 reasons, 1 he is still very young and 2 he used to play for Man Utd and therefore by default is considered good.

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