Are we gonna get spanked or what?

Leicester on a rebound and we'll probably put the rebound in our own net cos thats the kind of season we're having, right?

Will wake up for it as I wake every day at 5.30am, but not too sure I'll get up for it IYKWIM

Would like to say TTFN t the manager but who comes in to replace him...Ah I know, someone with half an idea...any of us could do it surely?
I'd do it for half his price, too...

Love to hear your thoughts.

Have Ancelotti,I wouldn't be surprised if it was Moyes but would he work again for these owners?possibly if he hasn't any other offers....

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He seems to like someone with him may be Stuart Pearson or Chris Newton. Whoever it is, it needs to be someone with a bit of enthusiasm look wot Duncan An disorderly done with Everton surprised they didnt keep him to the end of the season. Going to the game today against Leicester and I'm not confident the way things are going obviously no supporter wants to see their team lose but if we do I hope it is big say 4 or 5 -0 see if that wakes the board up, we cant keep going on like this- win one lose 3 its a recipe for disaster.

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