Buy from the championship, end up in the championship

I know the saying. however, look at Antonio and Bowen. What you seem to get from a good young player in lower league is a desire to run all day and work hard. A certain appreciation of them being given a 'step up'. I accept some of them, most of them probably aren't all that good. my point here though is that with good scouting, there are good players to be found that dont cost the ridiculous amounts of an Anderson or Yarmalenko. Should we be looking to clubs like Brentford, Notts Forest, Derby etc, those that wont (I dont think Brentford will but right now you couldn't say) go up this season for two or three more 'Bowens'?

Brentford in particular have some really interesting young attacking players. Should we pass up on another summer recruitment ala Pellegrini and look for more solid, working players from the championship to complement what we have?

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Has a lot of decent players but never given a chance...rmbr them saying about Callum Wilson...Josh King...Deeney..when they were all down there..yeah they are good but can they do it in the prem so nobody went in for them but when they came up they proved well yeah they can do it and did do it....problem is people to blinkered and unwilling to take a chance....getting an exoctic named player from far flung fields convince fans he's gonna be a great buy and hey give him a chance he has to get used to the pace of the prem etc etc....

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I have always been someone who would love to have more British players in the squad these players at the very least will know what the premiership is about and will give something more than a arrogant big money signing who has had one great season at some big club .
They will not be easy to find and like you Dicks I don't think the Championship is maxed out with great talent but I also do not think some of them are too far off Premiership standards, we just need some decent scouting and homework done, as you said look at what might be possible re Antonio and Bowen, although I am sure many will point to Hugill .
Sadly the big money foreigners Pel bought in last summer have been rather poor and run hot and cold but far more cold than hot and they don't want to work hard or play out of position and in my view do not care as much as a Championship player would if they were given the opportunity, especially a solid British one.

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Also that rubbish player at Leicester that only by luck got the golden boot... forgotten his name, bought him from Fleetwood, got England caps?????? No, its gone.

I would like West Ham to be the club that every year takes the best talent from both the Chumps league and Scotland every season in a way that Sir Alex did at Manc from the Prem, his point being that they were already settled in the counrty, knew the riggers of English football and it worked. We cant afford that strategy. The business achieved by Southampton nicking the best at Celtic was very clear particular success also in the transfer market making a profit... Virgil Van Dijk, Victor Wanyama and Fraser Foster or we can just rely on expensive imports that never lived in this country, show little interest in staying and offer zero loyalty. In recent seasons the transfer policy of West Ham has been as shambolic as the season ticket renewal!

Maybe this will be sometime positive that Moyes brings?

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